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Past Events

New Year, New Life: Transplantation Study Day - 31st January 2014

What did delegates tell us things they enjoy most of this study event? 

  " the journey from donors side to receipient site and patient voice" 
  " the detailed information provided and quality of verall day"
  " excellent presentation"
  " very interesting and varied speakers" 
  " variety of subject matter" 
  " relevant and interesting" 
  " hearing from heart patients (receipant)" 
  " interesting to hear receipiant side of the story and patient voice" 
  " gained some knowledge insight in VAD as never previous heard of them" 
  " hearing about a recipient's journey" 
  " very informative, thank you!" 
  " interesting contents "

What topics delegates would like to see in future study events? 

  •         tracheostomy care 
  •         end of life care 
  •         inotrope safe usage 
  •         ethics 
Regional Drinks evening - 11th February 2015
Pearls of Wisdom Study Day - 13th May 2015

Thank you to all our delegates and sponsors that attended our 'Pearls of Wisdom' study event which took place on Wednesday 13th May 2015.

Positive Feedback Includes

Subject matter & 360 degree on sepsis (6)
Infection control/disease (‘very well done and learned & understood’) (5)
Roles of sepsis specialist (2)
Research nursing is interesting and good fun (1)
Current issues, topical (1)
Friendliness (1)
Appropriate to practice (1)
New technology introduced (vital PAC) (1)

 BACCN Pearls of Wisdom Study Day - 13th May 2015.jpg

Life After Survival - 22nd June 2016

Thank you to everyone that attended out Life After Survival study event on 22nd June 2016 at Sunderland University.