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Southern Region Study Day

Southern Region's next study day is taking place on the 8th June 2018...

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Visit our events page for more info! 


Southern Region Announcement 

The Southern Region Committee would like to inform everyone that Rachel Bowater has now stepped down from her role as link member coordinator.

We would like to say a big thank you to Rachel for being part of the committee for the past year and appreciate all she has done for the committee.

The Southern Region Committee


Southern regions Study Day - 15th June 2017:

'Breaking Bad News to Breaking Free' study event took place on Thursday 15th June 2017 in Brighton..

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 Message from Southern's new Chair, Emma Clarey

Emma Clarey pic1.jpgFirstly I’d like to say a big “Thank You” to former Chair, Ann Price, who did an excellent job during her tenure!

With this in mind, as a committee, we will continue providing you with high standard study events, sharing of experience and much more. I won't be available to make it to conference in September, but I look forward to meeting those of you I haven't already met in the upcoming months. 

The Southern Region has a great programme arranged for the next few years. Our aim is to enable you to get the best possible experience from our study events and I encourage you to become a link member for your units. We also encourage everyone to feed back to their local link members so as they may pass on your view points. If you need further information on becoming a link member, or to find out who yours is, please contact Rachel, the link member coordinator.

We are looking to explore ways in which we can communicate better with you and find out how we can serve you as your committee 

We shall be increasing our social media presence much more (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook), so please ensure that you are following the BACCN. You can find me online at www.linkedin.com/in/emma-clarey - Feel free to get in touch.

There is no substitute for word of mouth recommendation, however, so if you enjoy BACCN events please tell your friends and colleagues and encourage them to come along to future events!

Finally, none of this would be possible without you our members, so thank you for feeding back to us and helping us be a great committee so as we may continue to serve you.

Pushing Perfusion Study Event Presentations

Please find below presentations from our recent 'Pushing Perfusion' study event, which took place on 10th June 2016.

Ian Naldrett - A and P CVS Systems

Karin Gerber - Sepsis

Christopher Davidson - Go with the Flow

We are current awaiting permission from additional speakers and hope to be able to upload additional presentations in due course.


Thank you to everyone that attended our 2016 AGM which took place on Friday 10th June 2016 during our 'Pushing Perfusion' Study event at the Amex Stadium in Brighton.


Carol Cox Awarded Study Award by Southern Committee

I was grateful to be given a study award by the BACCN which allowed for me to attend the London National conference. Despite being a member for a number of years this was my first experience of a conference. 

Attending the conference was a motivational experience, listening to International speakers covering essential aspects of nursing care such as quality and safety of clinical practice. It was great to have a mixture of different teaching methods, including speakers, simulation labs, vipers and poster presentations. Also the opportunity to network with other health professionals.

I certainly came away with food for thought! 

The James Bond themed gala evening was very well organised, with cocktails, meal and dancing to a live band. Not to mention the arrival of Daniel Craig!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will look forward to next years. 

Carol Cox
Southern region

 Our Mission Statement

To promote the BACCN as an organisation with in the Southern region by focussing upon the particular needs of critical care nursing with in this area.

The BACCN Southern region will:

Establish and maintain effective communication between the Regional members, the Regional committee, and the national committee to promote and facilitate educational and professional development for all regional members by:-

1.Organising regional study days

2.Disseminating professional information on professional   issues of relevance to critical care

3. Support collaborative practice and promote innovative evidence based patient care. 



BACCN Southern Region Committee invites applicants for sponsorship to Critical Care education events, educational awards and Study Tour grants. 

Written applications for awards will be considered at regular committee meetings (of which there are a minimum of 6 per year). 

Up to a maximum of £500 can be awarded to an individual in any one year. The amount awarded will be decided by the Committee. 

Applicants must be members of BACCN Southern Region at the time of application and must include their membership number with all correspondence.

For Critical care education events:

Applicants should provide an account of how attendance is relevant to their professional development and how practice / patient care will be further developed from the support obtained. 

For Educational awards and Study Tour grants:

Applicants should provide an account of how this work will benefit the care of patients within their work place and contribute to their professional development. A clear rationale for undertaking the project must be given and include relevant literature to support the application. 

The Committee would welcome and consider other creative ideas that would benefit critical care.

Submit applications to: 

Sarah Leyland (Secretary of BACCN Southern Region Committee) at sarah.leyland@stgeorges.nhs.uk

or approach any of the BACCN Southern Region Committee (contact details at www.baccn.org.uk/regions) for further information and advice.

To submit a hard copy of the application contact Sarah for further information.

Click here to download the application form  (Updated 2015) 

(Note: If you are unable to download the form from the link above, please contact sarah.leyland@stgeorges.nhs.uk or i.naldrett@rbht.nhs.uk , will send the form via email)

Application Criteria include:

- BACCN Southern Region reserve the right to refuse applicants who do not meet the criteria
- BACCN Southern Region Committee will undertake the selection and granting of awards                
- The decision of the BACCN Southern Region Committee is final and may be conditional

The application is separate from any other Regional or National initiative

Successful applicants agree to one of the following:

  • Submit a brief report for the BACCN Southern Regional Newsletter.
  • Present a paper, poster or feedback at a regional event or committee meeting  (Delegate fees and travel expenses will be reimbursed for any presentation at the BACCN Southern Regional events )

BACCN Southern Region advises individuals to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurance as it cannot accept any liability for costs associated with medical or travel emergencies whilst engaged in any activity associated with the award.

Names of successful applicants will be used in BACCN Southern Region publicity material.

Applicants must remain a member of BACCN Southern Region for the duration of the award.

Where BACCN Southern Region funding is used to support the presentation of a conference paper or poster there must be appropriate acknowledgement of this within the presentation.

It is advisable to have previously contacted a BACCN Southern Region committee member for advice and to ensure you provide contact details and membership number.

Applicants will be notified of success or rejection of application within 2 weeks of next BACCN Southern Region Committee meeting.

Link Members

Aim: To develop an effective method of communication between members across the Southern region and the National board.

Key roles

- Establish a communication point in your local critical care area 
- Hold and distribute membership application forms as required 
- Receive and distribute information on BACCN activites including regional and national events 
- Host regional meetings and events 
- Provide  contributions to and assistance in compilation/distribution of the regional newsletter 
- Identify the needs of local members and communicate this to the committee 

The role remains fluid as the needs of the region change. Link members will receive minutes of the regional meetings and be invited to attend all meetings, contributing to the establishment of an effective communication system across the region.