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8th April 2020

Guidance for the role and use of non-invasive respiratory support in adult patients with Covid-19 view HERE

7th April 2020

State of the World’s Nursing Report - 2020 View HERE

5th April 2020

BACCN Chair representing Critical Care Nurses on this NECCC: "COVID-19: a synthesis of clinical experience in UK intensive care settings A rapid dissemination summary report of a facilitated ‘Knowledge Sharing Session’ between UK clinicians with considerable experience of ICU management of COVID-19 infected patients. The session was hosted on 3 April 2020, 10:30 to 11:30 am, by the Intensive Care Society as part of the National Emergency Critical Care Committee" (see here)

2nd April 2020

A National Patient Safety Alert has been issued on the risk of harm from interruption of high flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) during transfer. View HERE

31st March 2020

Drop in Surgery

Matt Broadway-Horner is a consultant nurse, psychotherapist, academic, writer and trainer specialising in psychological therapies. He is offering a free online drop in surgery and is an accredited CBT therapist but the main work is psychological first aid where he can provide advice and a way of working in disaster / disease areas. The aim is to provide safety, be secure, connecting and provide support for nurses at this time.

If you are interested contact Matt through WhatsApp 07795416644 and appointments will operate on a first come first served basis.

Send a message to Matt saying “My name is ………and I am a critical care nurse @ BACCN can I have a time to see you?”  Any texts received will be booked into the next available drop in slot which will be 30 minutes per person. Once you have been provided a time slot Matt will then ask you to call him through WhatsApp via video or audio depending on your preferred option.

If you require any further informtation please contact 

29th March 2020

Virtual Journal Club 31st March

On Tuesday night (31st of March) in only our second virtual journal club session we were going to discuss a paper done by Baid et al (2019) "Sustainability in critical care practice: a grounded theory study" but in recognition of our current situation we've decided to change this session into a webinar where we'll be discussing something many Critical Care nurses in particular but also those members of staff that have stepped into the breach to help us manage the significant surge we're dealing with within Critical Care services are stuggling to come to terms with. 

Sustaining high-quality, critical care practice is challenging because of current limits to financial, environmental, and social resources. The National Health Service in England intends to be more sustainable, although there is minimal research into what sustainability means to people working in critical care, and a theoretical framework is lacking that explains the social processes influencing sustainability in critical care" - Baid et al (2019). When selecting this article never thought it would really be so topical at the time!

Many Critical Care nurses are feeling anxious & saddened as we are slowly coming to terms with the realisation that we won't be able to deliver the patient & family-centred high-quality nursing care that we take pride in every day and certainly believe our patients deserve every day during this crises.  In most cases, we'll be going back to delivering task orientated care instead to ensure patients are being kept as safe as possible.  Many other professionals that are stepping into a critical care nursing environment either for the first time and or returning to the bedside in this crises are also extremely anxious and worried that they'll be working outside of their usual comfort zone. 

With this in mind we'll be changing our journal club session into a "webinar" where we'll be talking to Heather Baid (author of your journal club article), various members of the National Board and hopefully Sarah Milligan who joined us in our wellbeing session to talk about how we feel and how we can support each other in this difficult time we are all facing.

Join us on the 31st of March 8-9pm using the Zoom link:

BACCN National Board

 "We are here for YOU";  #criticalcarenursesstandingtogether;  #proudtobeacriticalcarenurse

27th March 2020

View the latest Virtual Espresso Working to be well available HERE

Visit the Resources area for the latest information, these are being updated daily view HERE

26th March 2020

Joint Position Statement from EFN, EfCCNa & European Soc of Emergency nurses on COVID-19 Preparedness & the Urgent Need to Protect Frontline Nurses

25th March 2020

Project Nightingale update

Project Nightingale is a brand new hospital being located within Excel London for the latest update click HERE

View V1 Recommendations for Rapid Response teams and Critical Care Outreach HERE

NICE guideline to COVID HERE

21st March 2020

Open access to Learn Zone: We are arranging for the BACCN members-only Learn zone area HERE  to be made open access Saturday 21st March 2020

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