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Resources for ICU Nurses


Resources Date Resource Added
Patient Guide on Critical illness, Intensive care and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder 29.05.20
NHS Nightingale Educators Resources 28.05.20
Nasogastric tube placement checks before first use in critical care settings during the COVID-19 response 14.05.20
Clinical Guide for Supporting Compassionate Visiting Arrangements 14.05.20
Standard Medication Concentrations for Continuous Infusions in Adult Critical Care 13.05.20
Pressure ulcer prevention guidance when proning patients 11.05.20
University Hospital Plymouth: RehabLegend 01.05.20
University Hospital Plymouth: COVID-19 Rehabilitation Handbook 29.04.20

Emergency Induction for non-critical care staff working in Critical Care to support the escalation process in times of surge: 

ICU guideline summary page to support decision making and care for all those new to ICU working developed by London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust 22.04.20
Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting: clinical practice recommendations 22.04.20
Nasogastric tube placement checks before first use in critical care settings during the COVID-19 response 22.04.20
Nasogastric (NGT)/nasojejunal tube (NJT) placement and aerosol generation (AGP) 22.04.20
Route of Nutrition Support in Patients Requiring NIV & CPAP During the COVID-19 Response  22.04.20
ICS Guidance on the use of video communication 21.04.20
ICU COVID-19 Nursing Evaluation & Documentation" (paper format)  - Shared by M. Parkin, Bart Health NHS Trust 09.04.20
Guidance for the role and use of non-invasive respiratory support in adult patients with Covid-19 08.04.20
NHS England Secondary Care Specialty Guides 07.04,20
EDX course on Mechanical Ventilation for Covid-19 07.04.20
CAE Healthcare - Ventilator Reskilling Coure, Webinar, Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE), and Outreach Toolkit 06.04.20
Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing  05.04.20
Oxford University press e-books chapters 04.04.20
Accountability delegation indemnity 02.04.20
Case studies for accountability and delegation 02.04.20
Quick ICU Training 02.04.20
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) 28.03.20
Nursing Reference Checklist - Preventing Complications 28.03.20
Vent Adult Managment 28.03.20
Prone Position ICU 28.03.20
Prone - Non Critical 28.03.20
COVID19 Pt Ed 28.03.20
COVID19 Discharge 28.03.20
ICU Crib Sheet 28.03.20
Chest Auscultation 25.03.20
Ventilation Powerpoint 25.03.20
Oxygen Therapy 25.03.20
Respiratory Assessment 25.03.20
RSI 25.03.20
Arterial and CVP monitoring 25.03.20
ABG+analysis 25.03.20
ABCDE 25.03.20

Other resources

RSM COVID-19 Series: For health professionals, by health professionals
This series has been developed to support and unite all healthcare workers on the frontlines with senior decision makers leading the response in this critical fight against COVID-19, as we navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic. Chaired by leading experts, these webinars discuss different topics and challenges that healthcare workers, leaders and the public are facing, and how we are responding. View past episodes, sign up to the mailing list and find out more ►

CEpisode 18: Even more of your questions answered
Date: Tuesday 2 June 2020
Time: 12:30pm - 1:15pm BST
Once again we bring together a panel of health experts to answer the most popular questions we have received throughout the series so far. Previous panellists Professor Martin McKee, Professor of European Public Health, Dr Alison Pittard, Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, and Professor Stuart Ralston, chair of the Commission on Human Medicines and Professor of Rheumatology, return to join Professor Sir Simon Wessely for a 45-minute special to explore more unanswered questions from the live episodes. Free to watch on Zoom. Register here to join us 

Episode 19: All things evidence
Date: Thursday 4 June 2020
Time: 12:30pm - 1:00pm BST
We are delighted to welcome Dr Margaret McCartney GP, ex-BMJ columnist, broadcaster and author of “The State of Medicine: Keeping the Promise of the NHS” as our guest for Thursday's episode. Dr McCartney will be speaking to Professor Sir Simon Wessely about testing, tracing and tangential things. Free to watch on Zoom. Register here to join us 

Please do share among your networks and contacts. As ever, we are very happy to reciprocate activity for initiatives or events you think might be of interest to our members.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information or would like to get involved. 

To those of you working on the frontline caring for people with COVID-19, all of us at the RSM would like to express our gratitude and respect.

SAFE ICU Huddle 

Never too busy to learn – a pandemic response’ highlights ways that teams can continue to learn and grow together, acknowledging the exceptionally challenging context that we currently face. View the article and report from Royal College of Physicians HERE

Safety huddles are short multidisciplinary briefings designed to give healthcare staff, clinical and non-clinical the opportunities to understand what is going on with each patient and anticipate future risks to improve patient safety and care. Please find the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust ICU's Safety Huddle training video. Safety of our patients and staff is of vital importance under normal circumstances but even more so in the current situation, we find ourselves in.  View Full Video HERE (Resource Added 02.04.20)

Critical Care Airway Nurse Network Course

To view the Full course resources select HERE

Please contact andrewstewart01145@live.com if you run the full course 

The Lancet online 


Non-invasive Ventilation Education Video

Clinical Skills.net 

e-learning for Healthcare 

Respiratory Care and Assessment 

The ESC is a vast, diverse community. We learn from each other so that we can give our patients the best possible care. Never has this been more important than during a pandemic. This page is designed to provide you with an array of useful resources. You have a mission. We’re here to help. View information HERE

COVID-19 rapid guideline: critical care in adults​

Developing immediate Critical Care Nursing capacity - View information HERE

Key human factors – When working under pressure - View information HERE

COVID-19 Free Lectures HERE

Moorfields Eye Hospital Emergency Guidelines (Eye Care Guidance during COVID-19 pandemic) - This guide is available from Microguide App which is free on IOS and Android. IOS App HERE Android App HERE

COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application 

Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Guidelines on the Management of Critically Ill Adults with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 

COVID-19: Addressing the Logistical Challenge for Hospitals (VIDEO)

There are a number of other Resources available

To view seven videos made by Royal Berkshire Hospital on the Basic Principles of Critical Care click HERE

To view Resources for non critical care staff and those that have been redeployed click HERE