Behind Closed Doors Photo Exhibition

The "Behind Closed Doors" photographs were taken by Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts’ Clinical Informatics Manager and passionate photographer, Petro Bekker, who volunteered to go back and work in the Intensive Care Unit at the beginning of the pandemic.

“In March 2020 COVID hit us. NHS staff with ICU training were being asked to go back and support their colleagues and with 15 years of experience, I didn’t hesitate to go back although it was a very scary prospect. Reality hit me. I can only describe it as a war where we could not see the enemy. Everything happened at a rapid pace and I had no doubt in my mind to return immediately to help my ICU Colleagues on the frontline.”

Petro re-joined her colleagues, where she had previously been a Senior Sister working in ICU. This was a vast difference from her new role in Informatics but relying on her wealth of experience working as a Nurse in South Africa since 1987, and continuing her career emigrating to the UK in 1999, she knew that she had a lot to offer inpatient care but her trusty camera went with her.

 “When the first wave hit us it was so overwhelming that it was impossible to capture anything. However, when the second wave came, as a keen Photographer, I knew that I had to document this journey as it was history in the making. I could not miss the opportunity to record it for future generations.”

Petro was given permission during her breaks and in her own time to take photographs within the ICU. Her colleagues fully supported her and found a great deal of pride and solace in the photographs and are incredibly excited that they will be showcased in this unique and inspiring exhibition. 

BACCN are honoured that Petro has agreed to exhibit her photographs at this year's joint BACCN & IACCN Critical Care Nursing Conference. 

Also, listen to "The Great Manc" podcast with Petro and Sheena recorded 28/05/2021 talking about their experience That Great Manc Pod: Humanity... Petro & Sheena, WWL NHS on Apple Podcasts 

‎That Great Manc Pod: Humanity... Petro & Sheena, WWL NHS on Apple Podcasts

‎Show That Great Manc Pod, Ep Humanity... Petro & Sheena, WWL NHS - 28 May 2021