Posters 2022

Number Title, Presenter, Institution
P01 The Introduction of Volume Based Feeding as a Quality Improvement Project: Magdolna Kelemen, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust
P02 Stronger in the world "Well, we know where we're going, but we don't know where we're from" : Sharon Whiting, Critical Care Skills Institute/NMGH, MFT
P03 Nurses' experience of withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment in ICU: Hannah Harvey, Royal Berkshire Hospital
P04 New ways of working: improving staff health and wellbeing in post pandemic times: Lucy Dames, NHS Blood and Transplant
P05 Timely removal of Arterial & CVC in Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit: Smitha Senith, University Hospitals Sussex
P06 What is the impact of peer-led support on a Critical Care Unit (CCU)? : Siobhan McEneaney, Harefield Hospital
P07 Co-designing and Implementing a Staff Wellbeing Initiatives in PICU: Aoife Larkin, CHI at Crumlin
P08 Critical Care ANP Deteriorating Patient Trolley: "Critical Care on Wheels": Andrea Flannery, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
P09 "Where have all the Graduates Gone?": Anne Marie Cullinane, CHI At Temple Street Dublin
P10 Improving Nursing Care of Central Lines: Kirsty Day, Nottingham University Hospitals
P11 Golden 5 Minutes in the PICU: Kate Aughey, Children's Health Ireland Crumlin
P12 Healing ourselves along the way - An approach to restoring the wellbeing of a burned-out Critical Care team in the middle of a pandemic: Catherine Balcombe, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT
P13 Delivering Critical Care Nurse Education across the Pennines: Sophie Beavors, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
P15 Post-Intensive Care COVID survivorship clinic: a single centre experience: Sabina Mason, Tallaght University Hospital 
P16 Intravenous Fluid Therapy: What Critical Care Nurses Need to Know: Maria Alyza Mitra, Worthing Hospital, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust
P17 "Keeping a cool head?" Outcome of TTM: Savitha Varghese, Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS
P18 Critical Care Outreach: The evolution of a service in a small general hospital: Sarah Penkett, Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Organisation NHS Foundation Trust
P19 Implementation and impact of CPAP NIV during COVID by a Critical Care Outreach Team: Kirsty Datson, Kettering General Hospital
P20 Supporting the development of immediate critical care nursing during COVID -19 in Northern Ireland: Paula Walls, HSC Business Services Organisation
P21 GETREADiTOGO: Esther Ni Chonghaile, University Hospital Galway
P23 Complications of regional citrate anticoagulation: assessing nursing knowledge of citrate accumulation in patients on CRRT: Nisha Honap, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
P24 Fluid responsiveness and the passive leg raise: knowledge, experiences, and attitudes of an ICU nursing cohort: Louise Mullen, St James's Hospital
P25 Improving Parenteral Nutrition Transcription & Administration in PICU: Carolyn Green, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
P26 Development of a Step 4 Programme for Clinical Co-ordinators: Alice Shaw, Manchester Royal Infirmary
P27 Development of a Leadership Programme For Newly Appointed Band 6 Nurses: Sinead Walton, Cambridge University Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust.
P28 Engaging critical thinking: factors influencing new Critical Care nurses: Joanna Beaumont, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT
P30 Critical Care Collaboration on a national scale - no pressure!: Catherine Balcombe and Joanne Steffenson, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
P31 "A Memory Box" A Palliative Care Initiative for ICU: Fabienne Kelly, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda Co.Louth
P32 Preliminary approaches to improving Critical Care Nurse wellbeing in organ donation work: Nate Shearman (DClinPsy), Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
P33 Developing and Implementing a Postgraduate Highly Specialist University Accredited Course: Julia Shears, Harefield Hospital
P34 Cardiac Surgery - A Bridge to Recovery: Cheryl Louise Tuff, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
P35 Striving for Equity of a Critical Care Nursing Workforce despite Geographical Boundaries: Lynsey Russell, NHS Borders
P36 Nursing Staff Adherence to National Guidelines on Nutritional Management for Critically Ill Patients with Cancer: Marie Parsons, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
P37 4 Point Safety Bundle as a measure to reduce risk of cannulae migration: Sabrina Persaud and Luka Poprijan, Harefield Hospital
P38 Establishing an international research group on Family care in ICU: Dr Ann M. Price, Canterbury Christ Church University
P39 Expanding the Critical Care Rehabilitation Service across LTHT critical care: Rachel Hunsley, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
P40 Padlet: accessible, live, cost-effective, mobile mode of education: Marie-Clare Ratcliffe, Frimley Health
P41 Introduction of patient diaries into an Intensive Care Unit - A pilot project: Ciara McHale, St James's Hospital
P42 Implementation of a patient or relative activated Critical Care Outreach service: Kirsty Datson, Kettering General Hospital
P43 Percutaneous Cardiac Assisted Devices in CardioShock: Allies or Foes?: Carolina Simoes Neves, Southampton General Hospital
P44 Effects of Prone Positioning Protocols and Risk of Pressure Injury in Patients with Covid-19: Ria Betteridge, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
P45 Follow-up of Survivors of Critical Illness Related to COVID-19 Infection: a Pilot Study: Mary Flavin, University Hospital Limerick
P46 Developing a low-cost, highly sustainable enteral nutrition for critically ill patients in resource limited settings: Chris Carter, Birmingham City University
P47 Use of a two-week fixed-rota to support student nurses in gaining future nurse proficiencies in critical care: Daniel Harris, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
P48 Memory Boxes for Donor Families in Northern Ireland- working in collaboration with Donor Family: Mary Hayes, NHSBT
P49 Factors influencing nurses' intentions to leave adult critical care areas: a mixed method study: Nadeem Khan, Bradford University
P50 Assessment of AKI Risk on ICU Admission: A Bipartite Evaluation of Staff Compliance: Irvin de Guzman, The Wellington Hospital
P51 Nurse-Led ICU Patient Diaries: Shauna Delaney and Sinead Gill, Tallaght Univeristy Hospital
P52 Using Technology to Enhance Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Critically Ill Patients: Kate Hancock, Bruin Biometrics, LLC