Research Symposium

Research Symposium:

Promoting and supporting critical care research engagement with nurses and allied health professionals

This symposium will be led by:

  • Professor Bronagh Blackwood, Chair in Critical Care, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)
  • Dr Bronwen Connolly, Senior Lecturer, Critical Care Physiotherapist (QUB)
  • Dr Natalie McEvoy, Lecturer in Critical Care, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin
  • Dr Leona Bannon, Lecturer in Critical Care, University College Dublin

The symposium will address key issues in facilitating and blocking research engagement:

  • Why bother with research?
  • Why clinical and research silos decrease efficiency in patient care
  • Maximising N&AHP engagement
  • Ireland and UK opportunities
  • Dipping your toe in the water – N&AHP stories
  • Key take home messages

Dipping your toe in the water - stories of various journeys from N&AHP that started from enquiry and getting involved to leading successful doctoral & postdoctoral studies with contributions from:

  • Asem Abdulaziz R Alnajada, Paramedic
  • Leona Bannon, Lecturer
  • Sally Anne Duncan, Speech and Language Therapist
  •  Katie Hayes, Clinical Trial Nurse
  • Carla McClintock, ICU Nurse
  • Lisa McIlmurray, Paediatric ICU Nurse
  • Aidin McKinney, Lecturer