Full Programme - Monday 16th September

07:00-08:00 BACCN Morning Fun Run

Introduction to the Programme - Karin Gerber, Conference Director

Welcome from BACCN Chair - Nicki Credland

09:30-11:00 Keynote: Salisbury Team
11:00-11:30 Morning Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
11:30-11:50 Workshop: hameln  Research Symposium OR000494: Understanding brief illness perception among cardiac patients: A preliminary study , Sukhbeer Kaur Darsin Singh, Universiti Malaysia Sabah PO000238: Introduction of a Sedation Hold (in ventilated patients) Within 4 hours of Admission to ICU, Jennifer Howie, Crosshouse Hospital OPW000473: The use of Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) to understand escalation of care or work-as-done. , Jody  Ede, University of Oxford Sim Lab Posters
11:50-12:10 OR000368: Improving the Patient Experience for Critically Ill Obstetric Patients , Claire Wilcox, Lancashire teaching Hospitals Trust OPW000448: Detecting Latent Threats in Unexpected Difficult Airways, Stephen Cutler, Guys and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust OR000315: Doctors and Nurses: Different Models of Practice?, Jane Greaves, University of Northumbria
12:10-12:30 OR000384: criticalcarerecovery.com: scaling up an e-health innovation across Scotland , Pam Ramsay, Edinburgh Napier University  OR000257: Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate the role of the ICU nurse, Wendy Carlton, Torbay Hospital Workshop
WK000286: Diabetic Emergencies in Critical Care, Grainne McCormack, Oxford Brookes University
12:30-12:50 Dragons Den 2018 Presentation OP000344: Do Critical Care Outreach Teams Improve Patient Outcomes?, Yvonne Fehily, Galway University Hospital PO000390: Safe airway management training in an Oncology Critical Care Unit, nicola doherty, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
12.50-14.00 Lunch served in the Exhibition Area
14.00-14.35 Keynote - Donna Kinnear
14.35-14.55 BACCN AGM
14.55-15.00 5 minute room change
15.00-15.20 WK000387: What lessons can we learn from patient experience?, Melanie Gager, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust OPW000399: Interactive Early Rehab for Patients Involving Relatives and Health Care Assistants, Raquel Danae Garcia Rodriguez, Kings College Hospital Linet Workshop
Linet lateral rotation beds in Neuro Intensive Care - staff benefits
OR000307: Introducing a new pain monitoring system (PainMonitor) to Neurocritical care, Danilo Jataas, Cambribge University Hospital OP000340: ward nursesexperiences and perceptions of a critical care outreach service, Caroline Hession, UHG, Galway Sim Lab Posters
15.20-15.40 OPW000458: Improving information-giving to critical care patients to guide post-discharge  rehabilitation: a quality improvement project, Stavroula Stavropoulou-Tatla, King's College London OP000308: Adjunctive Hydrocortisone Therapy for Adults with Septic Shock: Is The Evidence Conclusive?, Nadia Christina Giuliani, University of West London /Chelsea and Westminster Hospital OPW000475: The Implementation of an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner service, Louise Houslip, University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire
15.40-16.00 OP000422: Family bereavement support in adult intensive care, Dr Wendy Walker, University of Wolverhampton OR000253: Administration of vasopressor infusions in critical care units in a low resource setting, Chris Carter, King's College London OR000497: How do we capture, apply and share what we know? Developing, piloting and evaluating a model of knowledge mobilisation in critical care., Dr Girendra Sadera, Wirral University Teaching Hospital
16.00-16.35 Afternoon Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
16.35-16.55 WK000511: Working as a clinical adviser at the NMC (while still doing the shift work), Kathy Dalley, St Georges Hospital OR000229: Engagement of Families in ICU from the nursing staff perspective, Ann M Price, Canterbury Christ Church University WK000485: The ABC of Obesity in Critical Care, Louise Caroline Stayt, Oxford Brookes University OPW000465: Children Visiting Adult Critical Care Unit, Sara Coentro, Addenbrooke's Hospital - Cambridge University Hospitals OP000400: Is Bioscience critical for Critical Care Nurses?, Julie Robinson, City University Sim Lab Posters
16.55-17.15 OP000369: Patient, visitor and staff perceptions of noise in an Intensive Care Unit, Deborah Dawson, St George's University Hospitals NHSFT PO000412: Critical Care Nursing Discharge Summary; a Quality Improvement Project, Denice Pollock, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh OR000207: Interprofessional Learning in Adult Critical Care, Vikki Park, Northumbria University
17.15-17.35 OPW000296: Improving ICU relatives' satisfaction  with access & engagement in care , Dr Una St Ledger, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust PO000401: Improving Communication in Patients with Language Barrier, Eunice Chan, Cambridge University Hospital PO000415: Introducing clinical simulation within the critical care environment: on site innovation, Claire  Stark, Glasgow Royal Infirmary 
19.30-00.00 Drinks Reception and Conference Dinner