Above Cuff Vocalisation survey

5th Jun 2019

Claire Mills NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow is carrying out a survey investigating the use of Above Cuff Vocalisation in patients with a tracheostomy internationally. 

The aims of this survey are:

  1. To identify the extent of ACV use worldwide
  2. To evaluate how ACV is being implemented
  3. To investigate barriers to ACV implementation
  4. To evaluate how tracheostomy weaning practice may impact on ACV use
  5. To evaluate healthcare professionals opinions of ACV

Please go to this link for more information and to complete the survey:


The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete if you use ACV in your setting, and 5-10 minutes if you do not use ACV in your setting. We welcome multiple completions of the survey by different members of the multi-disciplinary team. 

If you would like any more information please contact Claire Mills on c.s.mills@leeds.ac.uk


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