BACCN Twitter Chat #newnurses

9th Mar 2018

Our Twitter Chat this month focussed on the subject of newly qualified nurses starting their career in ICU #wenurses. It was fantastic having representation from both seasoned critical care nurses who started their career within ICU (many moons ago) as well as students who is about to qualify and are evaluating the various options open to them, with of you making your voices heard well into the early hours of the morning!!

 Nurses go to work in critical care for various reasons.  A nurse with one year’s ward experience may feel that they are ready to move onto something challenging and or want to take on the care of sicker patients, where as a newly qualified nurse may feel they are prepared and ready to take on any kind of patient because they are now a fully qualified nurse and may choose to work in critical care because of the perceived excitement and or because the low patient-to-nurse ratio that exists within critical care units.  Many newly qualified nurses had rotated through critical care whilst on placements and felt that this is the place that they want to work.

 We nearly all agreed that the option to start your nursing career in ICU should be open to all but the support (both educational and emotional) is paramount to making this a success for each individual.  When you start in Intensive Care you have to climb a very steep learning curve and for me I felt like a first year student for the whole of the first year I was working within ICU.  Learning the technical skills is hard enough, learning to cope with the emotional toll that ICU can take on you, is completely different.  It is vital for any member of staff starting new in ICU (and not just the newly qualified nurses) to receive appropriate emotional support especially in the first year or so, to ensure we develop a well adjusted, appropriately educated and skilled nursing workforce.The NHS is facing a workforce crises and we have to do all we can to educate and support our workforce to ensure we deliver the highest quality of care to our patients.   If you've done some work around this subject why not come and share this at the upcoming #BACCNConf2018. Thank you to all that took part in this Twitter chat, why not join us on the 3rd of April when we'll be discussing the "Spiritual Care in the ICU / Bereavement" #spiritualcare

Let's keep the conversation going, 


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