Government Response to Organ Donation

7th Aug 2018

As you will know, at the end of last year the Government launched a consultation on proposals for a new approach to organ and tissue donation in England, to address the shortage of organs available for transplant.

The consultation proposed a change in the law on organ and tissue donation in England to better reflect the position of the majority of people who would be happy to donate their organs and tissues after death. This change would mean that everyone is considered willing to donate their organs after they die, unless they have recorded a wish not to do so.

The consultation asked for views on how such a system should be implemented. In particular, it asked important questions on:

  • ways to make it easier for people to register their decision on organ and tissue donation;

  • the potential impact proposals could have on people from certain religious groups or ethnic backgrounds;
  • how to ensure that moving to an opt-out system will honour a person's decision on what happens to their body after death;
  • how family members should be involved in confirming decisions in future; and
  • appropriate exclusions and safeguards to the general rule of consent under the proposed new system.

The consultation closed on 6 March 2018 and over 17,000 responses were receieved.

To see the full press release click HERE

To View the full document regarding the outcome please visit this link

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