The Infection Prevention Society (IPS) and British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) issue joint statement

16th Apr 2020

The guidance to health and social care organisations aims to minimise the distress being experienced by families and loved ones of people who are at the end of life.

 “End of life care is a fundamental pillar of nursing care and relates to both the care of the person at the end of life and their family.  The current COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in all normal hospital/ hospice and care home visiting being suspended except for special circumstances.” 

“The IPS and BACCN agree that being with a loved one at the end of their life constitutes a special circumstance and, that wherever possible, the health/social care organisation should instigate safe and compassionate approaches that allow an immediate family member/ significant other to be with a dying person at the end of life.”

IPS President, Pat Cattini says: “We hope these guidelines enable care givers to provide confident safe and compassionate end of life care during this difficult time.”

Dr Louise Styat, from the BACCN Board says: “We at the BACCN are honoured to work alongside the IPS and provide guidance on facilitating safe family visitation to patients at the end of life as caring for both patients and their loved ones is fundamental to critical care nursing.” 

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