Sustainability at BACCN Conference 2020

When planning our BACCN Conference we proactively manage our environmental impact in the planning of our annual Conference. Sustainability is increasingly important to us, our attendees and our exhibitors and we strive to make our event more responsible and play our part by keeping waste to a minimum and considering our carbon output. We communicate our desire to be more sustainable to our suppliers, sponsors, exhibitors and event staff, considering this at the very start of the project in our own planning.

We strive to:

  • Remove single use plastic bottles and cups, replacing with 100% recyclable cups for use at water stations around the venue. We’ll actively encourage attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.
  • Reduce or remove paper consumption using minimal print, a conference app and digital website content with all information required.
  • Conference Guides will be printed by a Carbon Neutral company, Northern Print Ltd (see more about Northern Print Ltd below).
  • Removed plastic badge holders and replaced with simple paper badges.
  • Use recycled materials as much as possible with collateral from previous events such as lanyards and t-shirts
  • Arranging one courier booking to transfer our event collateral to the venue rather than multiple trips
  • Reduce face-to-face planning meetings by holding teleconferences and communicating via email, taking the train or car sharing where transport is required
  • Encouraging attendees to share transport when travelling
  • Working with NTU to minimise waste and recycle all that we can (see more about NTU below)
  • Work closely with our suppliers, sponsors and exhibitors to encourage them to consider their own footprint
  • Choose venues to host our events in locations with good transport links

Northern Print Solutions is a Certified Carbon Capture® Company, meaning that they offer their customers the opportunity to carbon balance their print by taking part in the Carbon Capture® Scheme. BACCN Conference 2020 are taking part in this scheme.

Find out more about the scheme here.

The NTU Catering team have a ‘Sustainable Waste Policy’ and ‘Food Waste Policy’ to ensure they give consideration to ethical, social and environmental factors when making decisions on their products and services. They have made huge efforts to reduce single-use plastic over the last few years, which is why your water is served from glass bottles.

Nottingham Trent University has been awarded Fairtrade status, and Fairtrade products are available throughout. All of the purchased coffee is Fair Trade, organic and certified by the Rainforest Alliance, whilst their tea is also Fairtrade and sourced from certified plantations where workers’ rights are protected. This coffee and tea will be served to all BACCN delegates and provided in 100% recyclable cups.

For more information on environmental activity at NTU Events and Conferencing, visit Nottingham Trent University’s Sustainability Website.