From Research Nurse to Nursing Researcher; An Irish Perspective

In this session, I will be discussing the concept of transitioning from the role of clinical research nurse to nurse researcher. There is often no specific period in one’s career during which we make this transition. Rather, it is through continued development of knowledge and skillset that we begin to find ourselves in situations where, increasingly, we are leaders in research rather than facilitators of research. While personally, my PhD acted as the catalyst for this transition, offering me the scope to hone the skills required of a nurse researcher, this is not the only pathway to progression. There are often limited opportunities for nurses to explore a career in research. This, compounded by an unclear pathway for career progression, can act as a deterrent for nurses wanting to pursue further education. With that in mind, we should actively encourage our nursing colleagues to consider a career in research. While this area of nursing remains under-explored, through strong leadership and representation, the barriers around such a career pathway can be broken down and a space created where nurses can lead and develop impactful clinical research.