Tuesday 14th September

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Welcome to Day 2! - Karin Gerber, Conference Director

          09:45-10:30 Keynote: Katie Dutton (click for more details)
  10:30-11:00 Morning Refreshments

The Power of the Multidisciplinary Team in Rehabilitation in Intensive Care - Zoe Van Willigen, Manuel Martin Del Canizo, Aeron Ginnelly

11:00-12:05 Professional Nurse Advocated and Restorative Supervision in Critical CareSarah Legood, Emma Wadey, Fiona Wyton, Karen Wilson and Louisa Murphy (Click here for more details)

Rehab in Small Animal ICULucy Speak, RVN


Arjo Sponsored Workshop


Carbon Footprint Reduction in Critical Care Clinical PracticeHeather Baid, University of Brighton


Reverse CPRRejy Kadaparambathe, Westmiddlesex University Hospital

12:10-12:40 UK Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Deployment to Armenia Supporting the National COVID-19 Response Trish McCready, UK Emergency Medical Team

Sintetica- Sponsored Workshop


Optimal End of Life Care in ICU; Family PerspectivesSarah Fuller, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

  12:40-13:20 Lunch 

Keynote: Dr Dale Needham, FCPA, MD, PhD (click for more details)


The Power of Play Therapy in Paediatric Intensive CareSapna Kudchadkar, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine | Johns Hopkins Medicine


Creating a Culture of Rehabilitation - The Rehab Legend Campaign - Kate Tantam


Examples of Excellence in ICU Rehabilitation


Impact of Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) from an Irish Perspective During COVID-19Aileen McCabe, Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

14:05-14:30 Understanding How Critical Care Nurses Make the Decision to Restrain a Delirious Patient: A 'Think Aloud' StudyAngela Teece, University of Leeds

Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Educational Improvement Project; Creating a Core Team of Link Nurses in a Cardiothoracic Intensive Therapy UnitHannah Griffin and Ester Franco, Harefield Hospital


Nurse Experiences During Emerging Infectious Disease Epidemics: A Systematic ReviewThomas Rozwaha, Lancaster University


Multi-Perspectives of Agitation and its Management in The Adult Critical Care EnvironmentSamantha Freeman, University of Manchester

14:35-15:00 Returning to Work After Critical Care: A Guide For EmployersKate Christian, Medway NHS Foundation Trust
15:05-15:30 Well-Being of Critical Care Nurses: Lessons From the COVID-19 PandemicNicola Credland, University of Hull
15:05-15:30 Critical Care Nursing Workforce Survey Claire Horsfield, Lancashire and South Cumbria Critical Care Network
15:05-15:30 An Exploration of Nurses' Experiences with a Digital Diary in the Adult Intensive Care UnitMargo van Mol, Erasmus MC
  15:30-16:00 Afternoon Refreshments

Closing Keynote: Eamonn Sullivan (click for more details)

Followed by Conference Round-Up - Karin Gerber, Conference Director

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