Title Author Year
S01: Ultimate Team Collaboration: Xtreme Everest 10 Years On Kay Mitchell 2017
S02: Links in the Chain to Effective Discharge Ruth Endacott 2017
S03: Working Together to Enhance Patient Safety Kim Manley  2017 
BACCN Consensus for Oral Care in the Critically Ill Dr Tim Collins 2017 
C02: Can Focused Efforts Overcome the Effects of Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Vicarious Trauma? Daniel Doherty 2017 

C03: What are the components of a ‘good’ ward round in a large adult critical care unit and how can we make them happen more often? An Appreciative Inquiry Study

**Winner of Best Oral 2017**

Clair Merriman 2017 
C04: Improving Lung Protective Ventilation Compliance Across Lancashire and South Cumbria Critical Care Network Claire Horsfield 2017 
C05: Quality improvement for critical care: improving staff engagement in the provision and completion of patient diaries to assist psychological recovery Asya Veloso Costa and Olivia Padfield 2017 
C06: EDICT: A feasibility trial to examine how a prehabilitation exercise programme may help to prevent post-operative complications for patients with colorectal cancer Andrew Bates 2017 
C07: Eliminating pressure ulcers caused by Nasogastic (NG) Tubes in Intensive Care Nicola Allison 2017 
C08: Incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers: A longitudinal retrospective audit and service improvement evaluation Sarah Farnell-Ward 2017 
C09: The Implementation of a Web-based Pathway for Patients requiring ECMO Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) for Severe Acute Respiratory Failure (SARF) Rebecca Langley 2017 
C10: Management of Optiflow Therapy By A Critical Care Outreach Service And Analysis Of Patient Outcomes Rosemary Zippo 2017 
C11: I'm a long term ventilated patient - Get me out of here Lesley Howlett 2017 
C12: Introducing Morbidity & Mortality (M&M) conferences to Promote Inter-Professional Partnerships and Enhance Quality of Care in Critical Care Claire Wilcox and Dawn Stephenson 2017 
C13: Initial experience of implementing the intensive care rehabilitation programme InS:PIRE Pauline Murray 2017 
C14: Improving communication and team work by introducing a new bay leader role and safety huddle: A quality improvement project Vicky Thwaites 2017 
C15: Researching NAVA technology via a NIHR doctoral fellowship Daniel Hadfield 2017 
C16: Developing a clinical academic career in the Emergency Department  Edward Baker 2017 
C17: Developing an NIHR Programme Grant to examine safe staffing in ICU Ruth Endacott 2017 
C18: Simulation in-situ - An extra patient on the ward round Hayley Gilbrook 2017 
C19: Paediatric In-Situ Simulation on Adult Intensive Therapy Unit  Mike Dickinson and Andrew Henson 2017 
C20: Visual Learning Aid Nicole Lee 2017 
C21: Use of Pain Agitation Delirium (PAD) assessment tools to assess PAD in a General Intensive Care Unit Joel F Cardoso Pereir  2017 
C22: A person centred approach to improving pain assessment within ICU  Jennifer Howie  2017 
C23: Implementing the ‘SPADES’ (Sepsis, Pain, Abbreviated Mental Test, Decision, Escalation/ECG, Stable NEWS) safety round to improve standards of care in the Emergency Department  Joanna McBride  2017 
C24: Improving psychological well-being after critical care: the role of mixed methods research  Leanne M Aitken  2017 
C25: Using implementation research to evaluate the implementation of an ICU telemedicine programme in the UK - presented remotely Andrea Xyrichis  2017 
C26: Using Phenomenology to explore student nurses’ experiences of spiritual care  Ann Price  2017 
C27: Critical Care Nurses’ experience of a Compassion Focused Therapy workshop  Joao Bastos da Fonseca  2017 
C28: National Critical Care Rehabilitation Survey  Michele Platt  2017 
C29: Family Support Nurse Group - Cardiac Intensive Care Unit  Carol Howley  2017 
C30: Factors influencing nurses's intention to leave critical care areas  Nadeem Khan  2017 
C31: Critical Care Nurses' Knowledge of Alarm Fatigue and Attitudes, Perceptions and Practices towards Clinical Alarms  Siobhán Casey 2017 
C32: Nursing the Critically Ill Tetanus Patient  Chris Carter  2017 
C33: Guidelines for caring for obstetric patients in critical care  Charlotte Whittaker  2017 
C34: An audit of cerebral perfusion pressure monitoring in a level one trauma neurointensive care unit: target CPP and transducer positioning  Shayda Karimi  2017 
C35: Subarachnoid haemorrhage’s readmissions to critical care. Are they preventable?  Joao Amaral  2017 
C36: Endotracheal tube cuff pressure deflations during monitoring by ICU staff – a simulation study  Catherine Peutherer  2017 
C37: Evaluation of a Tracheostomy Safety Training Day  Cathy Haddock  2017 
C38: Using continuous professional development to advance critical care nursing knowledge and skills acquisition  Alexandra Costa  2017 
C39: Developing an e-learning Pathophysiology Module: Maintaining Standards in an Era of Cuts  Leonie White  2017 
C40: Nursing the Critically Ill Malaria Patient  Chris Carter  2017 
C41: “Grow Your Own” – Network approach to developing our future leaders  Julie Platten and Karen Donnelly  2017 
C42: Introduction of a tighter APTTr control using a nurse led anti-coagulation algorithm during renal replacement therapy   Julia Rutherford  2017 
C43: Is Nursing Led Protocols Evolving with New Automated Mechanical Ventilation Weaning Strategies: A Systematic Review  Bradley Chesham  2017 
C44: Innovative ECMO Configurations in Adults: Practice at a Single Center with Platinum Level ELSO Award for Excellence in Life Support  Monika Tukacs  2017 
C45: Learning from medication incidents in Adult Critical Care  Mary Beckenham  2017 
C46: Improving Food Service on a General ICU/HDU for patients able to maintain volitional oral intake  Catherine Jones and Irene Wong Lagman  2017 
C47: Staff awareness of the error of using both a heated humidifier and a heat and moisture exchanger in the same ventilation circuit  Vikesh Patel  2017 
C48: Patient – ventilator dyssynchrony  Chris Hill  2017 
C49: End of Life Care in the ICU  Catherine Hyland  2017 
C50: Humanising the critical care unit using live music therapy  Natalie Mason  2017 
C51: Recovery and Wellness post ICU: Using Patient Diaries  Samantha Hagan  2017  
C52: Frailty and the ICU  Kathy Dalley and Jane Roe  2017  
C53: Educating the team, improving the experience of patients’ with spinal cord injury: A multiprofessional approach to learning on a Spinal Cord Injury Centre  Mary Licup  2017  
C54: Developing Staff Support for Critical Care Nurses  Nicola Oldcroft  2017  
P01: Making the case for education in critical care Claire Shaw  2017  
P02: Using reflection to improve critiical care nursing skills, knowledge and patient care  Lorena Sanz Ortega  2017  
P03: A Host of Golden Daffodils - Warrington Intensive Care Unit Memorial Service  Sophie Liu and Helene Hazzard  2017  
P04: The Effect of a Critical Care Outreach Service Intervention on Patient Outcomes in the Management of Acute Kidney Injury in Hospital 

Linda McDaid


P05: End of Life Care within Critical Care 



Jo Tillman