C02: Swift R Approach to the Prevention of Intensive Care Readmission Andrea Turner & Karin Gerber 2018
C03: Bring your Pets to Work Dr Mandy Odell 2018
C04: Updated Nurse-led Eye Care in the Intensive Care Unit Emily Brennan 2018
C05: Exploring Perceptions of "Canine Assisted Academic Learning"

Jennie Faithfull, Carolyn Atherton & Sean Beer

C06: The Challenges of Moving from Senior ECMO Specialist to Novice Academic Samantha Harris-Fox 2018
C09: I am your patient but do you know me? Helen Whiting 2018
C12: Improving Patient Discharge from Intensive Care Unit Pauline Murray 2018
C13: Introducing myICUvoice, and innovative communication tool to improve communication and symptom management in ventilated patients on an adult intensive Daniel Harris 2018
C14: Using the non-injectable arterial connector (NIC) to extend the use of the arterial transducer set  Julie Allen 2018
C15: Transformation of Critical Care Services at UHNM Lesley Smith 2018
C15: Poster Lesley Smith 2018
C16: Resilience of in CCN and Exploratory Analysis Louise McCallum 2018
C19: Incorporating Human Factors into insitu Simulation Training Cara Pardoe 2018
C22: Introduction of Sedation Management Tool on sedation Holds and Spontaneous Breathing Trials Cath Applewhite 2018
C25: An Evaluation of Staff Debriefings to Support Staff Resilience Vicky Carr & Joanne Outtrim 2018
C26: Being Prepared Anticipating the Unexpected

Karen Hill, Amy Wood & Sheela Xavier

C29: To a Better Recovery Lucy Powell 2018
C31: The Introduction of a Personal Care Plan for Last Days and Hours of Life Diane Bowler, Catherine Morison, Alison Spiers, Stephanie Frearson 2018
C32: From Critical Care to Hospice at End of Life Vicky Carr 2018
C35: Going Home to Die from Critical Care: A Reflection on the Journey to Safe Uncertainty Lesley White 2018
C36: Exploring Experiences of Service User Involvement in Critical Care Dr Suzanne Bench, Professor Annette Boaz & Dr Konstantina Poursanidou 2018
C37: The Value of a Rehabilitation Program Following Critical Illness Suzahn Wilson, H. Stewart, H. Else, J. Thomas & J. Cross 2018

W02: Freedom In Critical Care

Nathan Thompson 2018
W03: Acute Care Across Care Settings: Teaching Novices Expert Eye Gaze in Simulation Kirsty Harris 2018
W05: Mitigating the risk of hospital- acquired pneumonia with oral hygiene Jan Powers 2018
W07: HOTT Topics: Management of burns and inhalational injury in the General ICU. Elaine Manderson and Benjamin Harold 2018
W08: Let's Get Physical Laura Breach 2018
Research Symposium: Catherine's "Research Picks" Catherine Plowright 2018
Research Symposium: Role of Clinical Research Nurse within Critical Care Claire Harris 2018
Research Symposium: Nursing Research in Critical Care Natalie Pattison and Florence Nightingale 2018
P01: Nurses are pivotel to facilitating research in the intensive care unit Joanne Outtrim 2018
P02: Big data and critical care nursing research Chris Hill 2018
P03: Empowering nurses and encouraging bottom up change through a band five forum Daniel Harris 2018
P04: Delirium screen and prevention audit Patricia Coelho 2018
P07: The use of clinical IT system in an Oncology Critical Care Unit to improve patient safety and nursing practice in the prevention of PUs and medical device related skin damage Kimberley Rice 2018
P09: Releasing the pressure: Finding a solution to low tracheostomy cuff pressures in ward based patients Hayley Allen 2018
P11: The role of the Healthcare assistant in the ICU Joao Bastos Da Fonseca 2018
P12: Critical Skills for non-clinical staff within critical settings Carrie Hamilton 2018
P13: WebEx Study event Nicole Lee 2018
P14: Overcoming the barriers to staff engagement through virtual platforms Kelly Fielding 2018
P15: Improving Critical Care Handovers - a reflection on my checklist creation Joanne Lomax 2018
P16: Glycemia control and neurological outcome in Intensive care Manuel Gala Del rio 2018
P17: Our unit's experience intergrating Plasma Exchange on ECMO patients with Severe sepsis Cara Godfrey 2018
P18: How should the multi-disciplinary team manage the risks associated with agitation within the Adult Critical Care Unit environment Samantha Freeman 2018
P19: Planning, Preparing and Proceeding with transferring Critically ill patients: A case study on Nursing Resilience  Kevin Murphy 2018
P21: Patient & Family involvement within Critical Care  Joanne Tillman 2018
P23: Delivering a CC3N compliant ICU course within a specialist cardiothoracic hospital setting in partnership working with a local university provider Ian Naldrett 2018
P24: Educational provision for patients following a spinal cord injury: a service evaluation Hayleigh Carey-Byrne 2018
P25: Factors influencing the recognition and appropriate management of the deteriorating patient in acute hospitals Michelle Treacy 2018
P26: "Could it be Sepsis?" Raising confidence and awareness to ask the question & complete a Sepsis proforma. Benjamin Gray 2018
P27: The powerful impact of our patient focus group on clinical practice in our intensive care unit Gayle Brunskill 2018
P28: Development of Critical Care Follow up Clinic services (CCFUCS)useing Quality improvment Helen McGuire 2018
P29: Patient Diaries - Are we useing them? Alexandra Chary 2018
P30: Introducing a bereavment box to promote better bereavment care for families in the ICU  Daniel Harris 2018
P31: Improving Patient Safety through Early detection of deterioration Emma Coutts 2018