C01: BACCN Dragons Den... now and then Stephen Cutler 2019
C02: Early mobilisation in mechanically ventilated patients: a systematic integrative review of definitions and activities

Catherine Clarissa

C03: An integrative review of the effect of family-centred rounds in intensive care on patient outcomes Dr Claire Kydonaki 2019
C04: Real time measurement of work-related stress & wellbeing in critical care nurses: a feasibility study Louise McCallum 2019
C05: A mixed methods study exploring the reasons for early unplanned hospital readmission among ICU survivors Pam Ramsey 2019
C06: Understanding brief illness perception among cardiac patients: a preliminary study Sukhbeer Kaur Darsin Singh 2019
C07: Improving the patient experience for critically ill obstetric patients Claire Wilcox 2019
C08: Family bereavement support in adult intensive care Dr Nikolaos Efstathiou 2019
C09: Do critical care outreach teams improve patient outcomes Yvonne Fehily 2019
C10: Introduction of a Sedation Hold (in ventilated patients) within 4 hours of admission to ICU Jennifer Howie 2019
C11: Detecting latent threats in unexpected difficult airways Stephen Cutler & Mairi Stewart 2019
C12: Can't incubate can't oxygenate: the role of the ICU nurse Wendy Carlton 2019
C13: Safe airway management training in an oncology critical care unit Nichola Doherty 2019
C15: Interactive early rehab for patients involving relatives and health care assistants

Raquel Danae Garcia Rodriguez

C16: Improving information-giving to critcal care patients to guide post-discharge rehabilitation: a quality improvement project Stavroula Stavropoulou-Tatla 2019

C17: criticalcarerecovery.com: scaling-up an e-health innovation across Scotland Winner of the "Best Abstract Award"


Pam Ramsey



C18: Introducing a new pain monitoring system (PainMonitor) to Neurocritical Care Danilo Jataas 2019
C19: Adjunctive hydrocortisone therapy for adults with septic shock: is the evidence conclusive? Nadia Christina Giuliani 2019
C20: Administration of vasopressor infusions in critical care units in a low resource setting Chris Carter 2019
C21: Ward nurses' experiences and perceptions of a critcal care outreach service Caroline Hession 2019

C22: The implementation of an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Service

Louise Houslip 2019
C23: How do we capture, apply and share what we know? Developing, piloting and evaluating a model of knowledge mobilisation in critical care Dr Girendra Sadera, Victoria Treadway & Gillian Woodworth 2019
C24: Engagement of families in ICU from the nursing staff perspective Ann M Price 2019
C25: Patient, visitor and staff perceptions of noise in an Intensive Care Unit Deborah Dawson 2019
C26: 'Keep calm PATH in OCCU and carry on' Nicola Doherty 2019
C27: Children visiting adult Critical Care Unit Natalie Hoover 2019
C28: Critical care nursing summary: a quality improvement project Denice Pollock 2019
C29: Improving communication in patients with language barrier Eunice Chan 2019
C30: Is Bioscience critical for critical care nurses? Julie Robinson 2019
C31: Inprofessional learning in adult critical care Vikki Park 2019
C32: Introducing clinical simulation within the critical care environment: on site innovation Claire Stark 2019
C34: Providing quality end of life care in the critical care setting Laura McMaster 2019
C35: Making memories in ICU Lorna Copeland 2019
C36: Interpersonal touch interventions for reducing stress in adult ICU patients: a realist review  Sansha Harris 2019
C37: A prospective repeated assessment of sleep quality and sleep disruptive factors in Intensive Care Unit: a service evaluation Ghaida Alsulami 2019
C39: The use of restraint mitts in the Intensive Care Unit: a service evaluation Heather Prowse 2019
C40: Implementing sleep guardians to promote sleep in critical care Claire Irwin & Sharon Parkinson 2019
C41: Movement of staff from critical care areas Claire Horsfield & Julie Platten 2019
C42: SCARF: supporting community recovery and reducing readmission risk following critical illness. And next steps Jo Thompson and Dr Susanne Kean 2019
C43: Improving ICU relatives' satisfaction with access & engagement in care Dr Una St Ledger 2019
C44: Implementing an acute intervention team in a specialist Orthapaedic Hospital Matthew Phillips 2019
C45: Multi-media technology as a teaching tool in enhancing the safety huddle project Ria McMullen 2019
C46: ICU a place for music? Claire Bennett 2019
C47: The Laura Hyde Foundation: caring for those who care about us Liam Barnes 2019
C48: A mixed methods research study: exploring resilience in contemporary nursing roles in Wales Judith Benbow 2019
C49: The incidence and impact and incivility in pre-hospital care Nikki Credland 2019
C50: Moral distress among UK Critical Care Nurses - how urgent is the issue? Nicky Witton 2019
P01: Reduction in the length of The Organ Donation Pathway Cathy Miller 2019
P02: Gold standards of renal care outside the doors of critical care Pauline Goddard 2019
P04: Improving the care and management of central vascular devices at Northen Devon Healthcare NHS Trust Jackie West 2019
P05: Improving the Tracheostomy care: standing on the shoulder of giants Jennifer Lowes 2019
P06: Adapting the SBAR tool to provide effective learner feedback in critical care Alice Boatfield-Thorley, Sarah Cowell & Sharon McDermott 2019
P07: Using quality improvement methodology to support the reduction and cost of routine sampling within ICU Yvonne Bryson 2019
P08: Workplace violence against nurses working in emergency departments at public hospitals Kousar Parveen 2019
P09: Investigating reasons why patiences don't attend follow-up clinic Joanne Outtrim 2019
P11: Implementation of critical care rehabilitation service Sarah Long 2019
P12: From paper to practice Sharon Norman 2019
P13: Preoperative eduction in elective patients Emma Barlow 2019
P14: Music therapy in Intensive Care Unit Alisa Mendonca 2019
P15: Aiming beyond survival: the critical care rehabilitation pathway Ana Katrina Evangelista-Lair 2019
P16: Service user involvement to strengthen the governance process of incident reporting, understanding what happened and wider shared learning Michelle Hunter 2019
P17: Service evaluation of the bereavement care delivered in an Intensive Care Unit Lisa Enoch & Petra Polgorava 2019
P18: Standardised algorithm: communication strategies for concious mechanically ventilated patients Saedne Shane Rogando 2019
P19: Humanising critical care Rebecca Edmondson & Nicola Robinson 2019
P20: Animal assisted therapy in adult critical care Kevin Murphy 2019
P21: Applying mouth care matters in critical care Julie Nichols 2019
P22: Diagnostic blood loss: incidence and outcome of hospital-acquired anaemia in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NCCU) Peter III Jabines 2019
P23: Pain assessment in ICU - post operative wound care Ines Alexandra Esteves Sadoc Pereira 2019
P24: Temperature Measurement in acquired brain injury patients in neuroscience critical care: a review & benchmarking initiative towards standardization Irvin De Guzman 2019
P26: Deep dive reviews: a different way of learning from incident reports Claire Mitchell 2019
P27: Using human factors tools in Clinical Governance within ODT Michelle Hunter 2019
P28: Supporting additional learning needs in organ donation education Susan Lee 2019
P29: Putting your heart into a nurse led role Susan Lee 2019
P30: Flexible, blended learning: meeting the challenge of workplace learning Angela Hall 2019
P31: In-situ simulation: our experiences Benjamin Harold 2019
P32: Critically collaborating for research: the development of a National Critical Care Research Network for nurses/AHPS Suzanne Bench 2019
P33: The role of the critical care CNS Cat Yates 2019
P34: Critical care patient acuity and staffing status risk assessment Sheena Wright 2019
P35: The role of the Band 4 nursing associate in critical care at UHS and their impact on the workforce and the patient Kasia Juzwiak 2019
P36: Reducing medication errors within the intensive care unit, implementing a 'bottom up' approach to patient safety Meg Cormack & Alice Smith 2019
P37: Student nurse orientation to critical care... the benefits Pam Sawden 2019
P38: SAFE Huddle Project Ana Mendonca 2019
P39: Inhouse team simulation to improve team performance Michaela O'Sullivan 2019
P40: Evaluation of a practice development service Lisa Enoch 2019
P41: How multi professional workshops enhance the delivery of high-quality care and teamworking Laura Colston 2019
S01: Salisbury Critical Care Team Dr Kate Jenkins, Dr James Haslam & Helen Aldridge 2019
S02: Future of Nursing Professor Dame Donna Kinnair 2019
S03: Finding joy in work: a roadmap to clinical engagement Simon Edgar 2019
S04: Developing the art and science of critical care nursing and nurses Dr Theresa Shaw 2019
S05: Critical Care: The Next Decade Christie Watson 2019
W01: The safe use of injectable medicines in critical care Gillian Cavell 2019
W02: Diabetic emergencies in critical care Grainne McCormack 2019
W03: What lessons can we learn from patient experience? Melanie Gager 2019
W04: Linet Lateral Rotation Beds in Neuro Intensive Care - staff benefits Linda Monk 2019
W05: The ABC of obesity in critical care Louise Caroline Stayt 2019
W06: Continulus: harnessing digital technology to teach the world Eoghan Colgan 2019
W07: Delirium in the ICU: the latest evidence Michelle Treacy 2019
W08: NHS Blood Transplant Phil Walton 2019
W09: Critical care nurse education - an update on the development of a competency framework - specialist competencies Samatha Cook 2019
W10: Initiatives to aid staff wellbeing in our #incredibleICU Morwenna Maddock 2019