Corporate Members

BACCN has established valued relationships with many partner companies who support the BACCN through its regular Annual Conferences.

To increase the value of these relationships and to the benefit of all involved, the BACCN works within various schemes to encourage dialogue and projects throughout the year alongside mutual publicity benefits as part of its Corporate Membership Scheme. 

Corporate Membership Scheme

  • Are you a company looking to increase its profile and credibility in the Critical Care arena?


  • A company looking solely for financial and tangible rewards as part of an affordable corporate scheme?

Whatever your motivation, the BACCN Corporate Membership Scheme has something for everyone, at very attractive rates.

Benefits of the scheme include the following:

  • Corporate Member status (not voting rights)
  • Annual Subscription to the BACCN Journal 'Nursing in Critical Care'
  • Reduced fees for a stand at BACCN National and International Conferences
  • First option to sponsor various awards and initiatives
  • Company logo and profile on the BACCN website

For More information on the packages contact

Annual Regional Awards Sponsorship

Our Regions form an integral part of our success. Aimed at rewarding our hard working regions for their effort and expertise, this 2 year package gives an option for Companies interested in sponsoring our Annual Regional Awards to sponsor a choice of 2 educationally based awards.

Contact our Commercial Projects Lead, David Waters via 0844 800 8843 or email