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“Dräger has a long history of supporting the BACCN and is completely committed to supplying high quality educational material to nurses and doctors. Never has training and education been more important than now during the current Covid-19 crisis, when many nurses may find themselves caring for ventilated patients in some cases even outside the Intensive Care Unit.

We are proud to support the BACCN as Educational Resource Partner and look forward to contributing to the virtual conference in September.”

Contact: Lesley Youren    Mobile:  + 44 (0) 7775 763127


Marketing Manager Respiratory Care UK & Ireland

COVID-19 | Dräger Educational Resources:

Dräger Covid Resources 

Dräger COVID-19 Strategies Webinar Series (recordings available)

Online Product Trainers

The below Product Trainers are available to complete online or download:

Evita V500

Evita V300

Oxylog 3000 Plus

Oxylog VE300

V800 Tools


01 - Evita V800/V600 - Start of operation

Learn in this video how to assemble the ventilators Evita V600/800 and its accessories from delivery to initial set-up.

How to Use - eLearning Module 1

How to Use - eLearning Module 2

How to Use - eLearning Module 3

Evita V-Series - Disassembly & Reprocessing

Learn in this video how to disassemble/assemble the components for reprocessing in the ventilators of Evita V-Series.


Reprocessing Poster

Instructions for Use

E-Learning: Basics of Respiration and Ventilation

This comprehensive e-learning course covers the basic elements of respiration and ventilation. Topics include; Fundamentals of Respiration, Respiratory Physiology, Fundamentals of Ventilation and Philosophy of Ventilation.

Adult Ventilation Training tools quick guide

Pulmovista Tools

Getting Started with Pulmovista 500 


Pulmovista 500 Diagnostic View  


Pulmovista 500 Assessing the response to a recruitment manoeuvre    


Electrical Impedance Tomography by Dr Luigi Camporota MD, PhD, MRCP, FFICM

Additional Downloads and Resources for training

Draeger YouTube channel

Oxylog 3000+

Online Trainer

Offline Trainer

Instructions For Use

ICON – Intensive Care Online

Customers who use Dräger ventilators have free access to ICON, a web based service which provides training and clinical support across a wide range of Dräger products as well as 24/7 clinical support via the Freephone number: 0808-101-2250

Ventilation Training Alliance App