Veterinary Critical Care Nurses


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Listen to the latest VN Times PODCAST interview with Laura Edwards explaining all about the VCCN and this year's conference.

VCCN Study events

Check out our video from our 'Making light of blood gas analysis'  event, on the events page HERE

Veterinary Critical Care Nurses

Welcome to the Veterinary Critical Care Nurses Committee in collaboration with the British Association of Critical Care Nurses. Our vision is to provide Registered Veterinary Nurses with a unique collaborative learning experience. Whether you are referral practice or general practice we all see critical patients.  We offer study days and annual conference, where you will be learning from experienced ECC Veterinary nurses. VCCN is unique as you will also be learning from 'human' Critical Care nurses at the same time.  We are offering a unique opportunity for RVNs to become part of the 'One Health' approach to education and research. 

Mission Statement

  • Provide a global/international platform for Registered Veterinary Nurses to showcase and develop their specialist Critical Care skill set and knowledge.

  • Promote Critical Care Veterinary Nursing and its integral position within the ‘One Health’ approach to both Human and Animal health and wellbeing.

  • Provide unique learning and collaboration opportunities alongside our fellow BACCN members.

Strategic goals

  • Engage and collaborate with our members through the VCCN committee regional branch of the BACCN.
  • Engage with the veterinary sector, industry professionals and organisations and policy makers to influence and drive development of Critical Care Veterinary Nursing.   
  • Encourage and promote evidence-based practice to deliver the highest standards of Emergency and Critical care Veterinary nursing.
  • Encourage and provide funding support for Critical Care Veterinary nursing research.
  • Provide annual ECC-focussed CPD opportunities
  • Create a Critical Care Veterinary nursing stream within the BACCN annual conference offering high quality lectures, abstract presentations, and simulation training.
  • Provide a social network of Registered Veterinary Nurses to support communication and engagement strategies.
  • Offer Registered Veterinary Nurses an opportunity to learn alongside and collaborate with our ‘Human’ Critical care Nurses from the UK and Worldwide.


If you wish to become involved in the VCCN please become a member of the BACCN and request our region. It is discounted at just £30 for Registered Veterinary nurses which gives you access to all the educational resources, discounts for conference and research funding opportunities.  We very much look forward to hearing from you and please dont hesitate to email us first.

Membership benefits can be found here

BACCN/IACCN Conference Belfast 2022 - Keynote 

We're delighted to announce our fantastic keynote speaker at this year's conference in Belfast - Dual qualified RVN and human centred nurse Helen Ballantyne, who  will be explaining what One Health means for nursing, how it fits in the global context, why it’s important and how we can all contribute.

Find out more here: Meet the Speakers | BACCN



2021 VCCN Virtual Conference Poster Presentations

P39 - Poster Nursing the Brachycephalic Patient

P41 poster - Canine Cardiopulmonary Bypass - Mitral Valve Annuloplasty and Artif ScnmR81

P42 - Poster Sepsis in the Veterinary World

P43 poster - Take a deep breath whilst we talk veterinary ventilation


To contact the Veterinary Critical Care Nurses Group please email:

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BVNA - Inspirational Nurses

In this new series championing nurses who have made a huge contribution to veterinary nursing, Junior Vice President Charlotte Pace interviews ‘Inspirational Nurses’.

In this first webinar, she interviews Helen Ballantyne. Helen is a dual qualified veterinary and human nurse, who is an established author, past BVNA Council member (now Honorary), and a strong advocate of One Health. She is now a Transplant Coordinator in the Cambridgeshire area. In 2020, she was awarded the Bruce Vivash Jones Award, for her contribution to veterinary nursing.