SBK Healthcare Events

As part of a special deal between BACCN and SBK Healthcare events we would like to offer 1 BACCN member free entrance to each of the featured courses below.  Please email with your contact details & BACCN number alongside a short rationale as to why BACCN should support you to attend this specific event.  

BACCN will quickly let you know the outcome and forward your information to SBK to complete the registration. 

Please note that if you are approved to attend and you are unable to do so, you should let the BACCN know (within 48 hours of the event being due to take place) as we would then like to offer the place to the next person (if you fail to do so, you may be held liable for the conference fee).  

BACCN members are also able to receive a 1/3rd off discount on any SBK Healthcare conference or course. This applies to new, full price NHS bookings only.  Quote code BACCN1/3 at the time of booking.

A full list of events can be viewed here

Featured courses


Achieving a Fully Funded Post Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Rehabilitation Service

Monday 18th March 2024 | 09:30-15:30 Online Workshop

  • An interactive workshop designed for critical care professionals. Build a comprehensive business plan to access funding, with case study examples from a centre of excellence, shared solutions to your challenges, and national guidance explored, you will leave this online workshop with extensive knowledge to put into action.
  • View the event details here


Compassionate and Supportive Leadership Skills

Monday 25th March 2024 | 09:00-15:00 | Online Workshop

  • Gain a true perspective on your leadership role and how you can positively influence your colleagues. By working through your current challenges with proven techniques, you will return to your workplace with a new frame of mind plus the tools to enable your team to be both engaged and productive.
  • View the event details here


NICE Guideline Training: Advance Care Planning

Friday 25th October 2024 | 09:30-15:40 |Online Workshop

  • Update your skills in Advance Care Planning in line with NICE guidelines to ensure that you can effectively support patients. Achieve a consistent national approach, discover ‘what good looks like’ and improve your communication skills to ensure that you are able to deliver proactive Advance Care Planning for your patients.
  • View the event details here

Advanced Ventilation Training for ICU Physiotherapists

Monday 20th May 2024 | 09:30-15:50 Online Course

  • Tailor-made education to support you and your team of NHS Physiotherapists to manage your ventilated patients in ICU. Improve your skills in the supervision of ventilated patients and enhance your clinical practice to enable ventilation liberation. Assess real-world case study examples and ask your specific questions about modalities and vent settings within an inclusive, virtual learning environment.
  • View the event details here