SBK Healthcare Events

As part of a special deal between BACCN and SBK Healthcare events we would like to offer 2 BACCN members free entrance to each of the following conferences.  Please email with your contact details & BACCN number alongside a short rational as to why BACCN should support you to attend this specific event.  

BACCN will let you know the outcome ASAP with the view to complete the registration. 

Please note that if you are "selected" to attend and you are unable to do so, you should let the BACCN know (within 48 hours of the event being due to take place) as we would then like to offer the place to the next person (if you fail to do so, you may be held liable for the conference fee.  

BACCN Members also recieve a discount of £110 for all SBK events and £60 for all NNF events.

Upcoming Events