Regional Events

Regional Events

BACCN Events by Region

BACCN is made up of 9 regions covering the whole of the UK. Each Region has its own Regional Committee of BACCN members who provide support - educational and otherwise - to critical care nurses across their region.  This includes the organisation and execution of study events which are available to members and non-members. 


Recordings of past study events can be found in the Members Area HERE


  1. South East Region
  2. Northern Region AGM
  3. Regional Awards

South East Region

Region: South East Region
Topic:  Insights and Innovations in Critical Care
Date: Monday15th July 2024 (last bookings 5th July)
Time: 10:00 and 15:00 
Location: Fetal Medicine Research Institute,16-20 Windsor Walk, London  SE5 8BB
Cost: Members £30, non-members £40

For bookings please click HERE

Includes lunch, refreshments and industry tables

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Northern Region AGM

Region: Northern Region
Topic: Annual General Meeting
Date: Monday 29th July 2024 
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Online Zoom Meeting

If you would like to attend please email 

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Regional Awards

The award year runs from the 1st of August 2023 to the 31st of July 2024.

Applications and submissions must be received no later than the 2nd of August 2024.

Click on the image to nominate!

Awards were made for Study Event of the Year, Chair of the Year, and most Innovative Committee of the Year at the BACCN Conference in Nottingham, 2023, and the winners were...

Best Study Day 2023 – Wales

Wales ​Region arranged more than one excellent and well attended study event over the year, however they received best study award for their full day online "Complex Respiratory System Made Easy" study event September 2022, with over 100 attendees.  Communication to set up the event was timely and complete, and feedback on the content and delivery was excellent.  Wth their great use of technology amongst the team they were able to capture this event as a recording which is broken into sections and available to you in our members area HERE

Most Outstanding Region 2023 - Wales

During the past year and leading onto BACCN Conference 2023 the Wales Region maintained excellent communication links with both Regional and Professional Advisors, keeping members engaged and producing relevant content for Critical Care Nurses. They produced two excellent online study events, Complex Respiratory Systems made easy and Cardiac System Made Easy, and both with over 100 attendees, which ran seamlessly and with highly rated content. Their masterful use of technology meant that recordings of these full day events are available to our members HERE.

National Leadership Award, Chair of the Year 2023, Carolyne Stewart

Carolyne leads our biggest region in terms of membership, with energy and enthusiasm, and arranged two well reviewed study events in the year, one face to face.  She personally handled many logistics of the face to face event in London which was attended by over 50 attendees, and handled unanticipated challenges with her typical grace.  She led the online event End of Life Care, which can be seen HERE

Most Innovative Committee of the Year 2023, Veterinary Critical Care Nurses

It was through our VCCN colleagues that many of us learned of the One health initiative and how both Veterinarian and Human Critical Care nursing can have in all its differences so many similarities. They ran 4 very successful online study events across last year, all attended by both Veterinarian and Human Critical Care Nurses. They have shown, drive, committment and enthusiasm and above all have been truly innovative in introducing so many of us to the concept of #OneHealth.   See recordings of their events HERE.

Many congratulations to our worthy winners and we look forward to another year of innovative and engaging study events!

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