BACCN Central South – Major Incident Simulation Study Day

8th Jul 2019

Here’s a short summary of the twitter activity on the day:

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This is what some of our delegates said of their experience on our study day:

  • Great Day
  • Awesome, brilliant de-brief for major haemorrhage
  • Fantastic day
  • I felt I needed more of a detailed debrief after triage session as I didn’t understand the paperwork
  • I loved that the simulations were linked to the triage event
  • I would like more strategic planning and overview of what actually happens in the background of a major incident
  • I’d really like Kevin’s details to learn more about planning advice
  • Excellent day, thoroughly enjoyed it
  • Enjoyed the inter-professional opportunity and the perspectives gained
  • Scenarios well-presented and managed
  • Great planning interesting to see and take other roles
  • More simulation please!
  • Food was amazing
  • Pre-conference materials to understand the triage process would be useful

Karin Gerber, BACCN Conference Director

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