BACCN Twitter Chat #baccnenhanced

30th Jan 2020

BACCN Twitter Chat was launched during our #BACCNConf2016 in Glasgow and it’s been great exploring all your views and opinions on subjects that matters to us all and both Amy and I were very exited to undertake the first of the 2020 twitter chats talking #baccnenhanced. Enhanced Care takes place in a ward setting. It is a pragmatic approach to reducing the risk of patients falling into a service gap: patients who would benefit from higher levels of monitoring or interventions than expected on a routine ward, but who do not require admission to critical care. This type of care has grown organically, originally for peri-operative patients (elective and emergency), expanding into the fields of maternity and medicine to deliver safe care to the patient at risk of deterioration. 

We want to thank all those that took part and as usual I've created a Wakelet shortcut to enable you to track the conversation especially if used for revalidation purposes.

The BACCN  as members of the UK Critical Care Nursing Alliance has been part of the FICM working party with the aim to develop a:

-  Consensus statement on the need for enhanced care units/services, including potential benefits in reducing the risk of cancelled operations and improving the patient experience and journey in the postoperative period.

- A broad definition terminology, provision requirements, and the workforce.
- Recommendations to relevant professional bodies for additions to existing standards documents, guidelines and training curricula.

- A summary of current evidence in the area.

- A summary of examples of current enhanced care in practice.

Please find the initial consultation document: Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine / Royal College of Physicians London Enhanced Care Working Parties 2019 “Enhanced Care: Guidance on service development in acute care”:

Watch this space for any updated information.

Our next twitter chat will be on the very topical subject of "Paediatric patients within adult Intensive Care" which will take place on Friday the 21st of February between 7-8pm #baccnpaeds

Looking forward to hearing your voice and learning from your experiences.  Lets keep the conversation going....

@karin_gerber and @yorkshirematron (aka Amy Pulleyn)

BACCN National Board

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