BACCN Twitter Chat #baccnerror

15th Jun 2018

"Thank you to all those that took part in out recent #baccnerror Twitter Chat where we discussed "Medication Errors within ICU".  It was great seeing so many of our regular twitter friends back once again, alongside some new members of our ever increasing group that "meet up" once a month debating issues that's important to us and our practice within Intensive Care.  The chat was moderated from the exotic surroundings of Jamaica with @davidwaters77 who was visiting the University Hospital of West Indies as part of an ongoing project with @BCUNursingteam to support local workforce development.

Our session focussed on the fact that medication errors are a common adverse event in the ICU setting and are associated with potential harm for the patient but also the error maker.  To ensure that medication errors are reduced, it’s essential that strategies are implemented that promote overall error prevention alongside effective personal and organisational learning. 

When errors happen we need to move away from blame, learn together and support our colleagues more. The overall conclusion of our discussion was that the impact of medication errors can be immense and that there is a clear need to ensure the clinician is supported following an event.  See our wakelet summary for more details This is great evidence to use when putting your revalidation package together. 

Our next twitter engagement will be on the 3rd of July at the usual time between 7-8pm.  This will be an opportunity for all to explore how we can use social media and in particular twitter to engage with each other and the wider critical care world especially in the lead up to #BACCNConf2018. More details to follow soon. 

Thank you @BACCNUK (on behalf of @davidwaters77)"


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