BACCN Twitter chat #baccntwitter

6th Jul 2018

The July 2018  BACCN Twitter chat was brought to you by @karin_gerber  whilst enjoying a lovely summers evening in Reading.  It was great chatting so many of our regular friends discussing the pro's and cons (pitfalls) of using social media and in particular tweeting as a healthcare professional.  Many of us have our own set of principles " that "guides" us as we engage with the world wide web via Twitter alongside using the NMC's guidance on social media responsibly  

It was great hearing that so many of you have already used our twitter summaries within your NMC revalidation portfolio and as usual here is this month's  With this in mind I would love to hear which subject you would like us to cover over the next 12 months as we are coming up to that time where we have to set up the next schedule.  Please let me @karin_gerber know and I'll take it from there.

BACCN Twitter  Chat will now be taking a little summer siesta but we'll be back on the 4th of September ready for our #BACCNConf2018 twitter chat where we'll be talking all things conference related, including the conference app launch and new this year our #BACCNConf2018 spotify conference music list......!!!

If you're coming to conference make sure you find us on Twitter @BACCNUK and "let's keep the conversation going"

@karin_gerber (Conference Director) on behalf of @BACCNUK 

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