BACCN Twitter Chat #spiritualcare

10th Apr 2018

Our latest Twitter chat focused around spiritual care looking at aspects of assessment, who delivers this, how we can improve this aspect and whether it is only linked to end of life care. This created a great debate, showing lots of passion for the topic, which is summarised in the word cloud below.
Key issues seemed to be that spiritual care is important throughout the ICU patient journey but tends to be forgotten at admission or when the unit is busy.  Several people had suggestions to help spiritual care including involving the multidisciplinary team, chaplaincy, volunteers but a lot was about asking family/patient and recording preferences.  People noted that we need to look after ourselves as nurses to provide for others.  Some felt needed more training and dedication to the subject area was needed.
There was evidence that people are trying to engage with patient spiritual needs by taking patients to chapel or thinking what gives them purpose to life. So spiritual care is important at all times in ICU but most guidelines focus on end of life at present and this needs redressing.

Attached is a summary of all the tweets that you can use for revalidation purposes:

Thanks to those who joined in and I hope you will engage with our next twitter chat taking place on the 1st of May between 7-8pm when we’ll be discussing the role of the “ICU Shift Leader / Nurse in Charge” #baccnnic. 

Please join us and let’s keep the conversation going.

@AnnPriceCCCU on behalf of @BACCNUK


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