Critical Care Nurse Consultant Project

4th Mar 2022

The BACCN are keen to understand the current roles of Critical Care Nurse Consultants in the UK in 2022.

Are you or do you know a currently employed Critical Care Nurse Consultant?

Or are you aware of a previous post holder that when they left the post, that post was not replaced with a nurse consultant? 

Would you / they be interested in providing the following details:

  1. Where you / they work?
  2. A contact email address?
  3. Taking part in a short workshop to discuss their role?

Focus groups will be held 6th April 2022 (time to be confirmed.)

Focus groups may be recorded and all personal data will be managed in accordance with GDPR. The information may be presented at a conference or published in a peer review journal.

If interested and for further information please contact

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