Honorary Fellowships 2023 announced

27th Sep 2023

We were delighted to award an Honarary Fellowship to Nicki Credland who has stepped down as Chair of the Board.  Nicki's Supporter testimonials made reference to how she had been on the executive committee of the national board since 2013 and before that was an active BACCN regional committee member. During her time with the BACCN, Nicki has shown a high level of leadership, extending her role of chair of the National board from the normal 4 years to 6 years, to ensure that there was consistent leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nicki consistently demonstrated her passion for critical care nursing and her commitment to the profession and to the BACCN. She has shown herself to be a strong voice and advocate for critical care nursing nationally and internationally.

Nicki is an inspirational leader who works hard to improve patient care and to support staff well-being and development. Alongside her day to day job as an educator, and whilst also dealing with significant personal challenges, she represented the BACCN on several regional, national and international workstreams, in particular those focused on future critical care workforce modelling and the professional nurse advocate role. In addition, she is the UK representative on the World federation of critical care nurses, part of the UK critical care nursing alliance (UKCCNA) and, whilst doing her own PhD, she is also a co-investigator on a number of critical care related research studies.

Nicki espouses the values of BACCN. She is dedicated to the promotion of nursing in critical care and has made significant contribution to shaping the strategy for critical care nursing to promote safe, quality evidence-based nursing care to the critically ill patient. She advocates for critical care nurses and is not afraid to articulate her views and ensure that BACCN and critical care nurses more broadly have a ‘seat at the table’.  While Nicki is no longer Chair of BACCN she will continue to represent us on a number of national committees and her legacy as Chair over an exceptionally challenging time will not be forgotten.


We were also delighted to award an Honorary Fellowship to Catherine Plowright who has stepped down as Professional Advisor.  Catherine's supporter testimonials made reference to how she has been a member of the national board for many years and has worked tirelessly within critical care nursing and as part of regional and national BACCN boards. Despite multiple challenges in the NHS landscape, Catherine’s enthusiasm, and passion for supporting critical care nurses has never wavered in all her years of membership. Catherine is the embodiment of the BACCN Mission statement and has provided much valuable mentorship and support to many people.

Catherine has a no-nonsense approach and unshakeable sense of justice and fairness. At the heart of Catherine’s achievements has been a dedication to excellent patient care and the promotion and celebration of nurses. Catherine’s work on non-medical prescribing and critical care nurse consultants are just two of many examples of her commitment to the promotion and celebration of the nurse’s role and safe patient care is clearly demonstrated. Catherine is driven, focused and approaches her work with a critical eye to ensure equity in opportunities. Catherine is dedicated to excellent patient care and to the promotion and celebration of critical care nurses. Moreover, she has been an excellent colleague to work with on the National board.  While Catherine will no longer be on the board, the professional standards and procedures she has put in place will stay with us well into the future!


What is a BACCN Honorary Fellow?

Fellows are registered nurses who have made an exceptional contribution to the BACCN at national or regional level. They will have held key positions on the National Board or Regional Committee and contributed to significant workstreams, acting as an inspirational leader through clinical innovation, practice development, education or research that improved patient care. A maximum of three fellows will be appointed per year.

What are the criteria to become a Fellow?

You must be / have been:

  • A BACCN member
  • A member of the National Board or Regional Committee
  • Have made an exceptional and demonstrable contribution to the BACCN

Fellows are expected to:

  • Act as ambassadors for the BACCN and its work

How to become a Fellow:

Fellows are nominated and supported by 2 BACCN members who sit on the National Board or Regional Committee. Each member must complete a testimonial demonstrating the nominees’ achievements


Who will review applications?

Applications will be reviewed anonymously by the National Board


What does the fellow receive?


Free BACCN life membership


Find an application form HERE

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