ICU Nurses knowledge & attitudes towards Transgender Patients

23rd Apr 2024

This research study explores ICU nurses attitudes and knowledge around caring for Transgender patients using a validated (already used and tested) survey tool. The research team The research team is made up of nurses, researchers and community representatives:

  • Dr John Gilmore, University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • Marissa Dainton, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.
  • Dr Natalie McEvoy, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Ireland.
  • Noah Halpin, Transgender Equality Network Ireland, Ireland.

There is more discussion than ever before about the lives and healthcare needs of Transgender patients. However, there is limited research on how Transgender patients are, or should be cared for in ICU and as a key part of the healthcare team. Therefore it is important to understand how nurses feel about caring for Transgender patients.


To participate click here Knowledge & Attitudes among ICU Nurses in Ireland and the UK towards Transgender Patients. Survey (


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