Physical Rehabilitation Core Outcomes in Critical Illness - Delphi consensus

24th Apr 2018

Please see link below regarding participation in a forthcoming Delphi consensus study aiming to develop a core outcome set for trials of physical rehabilitation in critical illness (PRACTICE).  Core outcome set development is an area of research methodology receiving increasing attention in critical care. 

In brief, the PRACTICE study will determine core outcomes for trials of physical rehabilitation interventions delivered across the continuum of a patient’s recovery from the intensive care unit until reintegration in the community following hospital discharge.  The current literature on this topic demonstrates significant variability in the way outcomes are selected and defined.  A core outcome set of this nature has the potential to enhance the future design and conduct of trials in this area.  PRACTICE will involve a modified Delphi consensus with international researcher, multiprofessional clinician, and patient/caregiver stakeholder groups.  It is anticipated the panel will include approximately 200-300 participants. 

The organisers are seeking assistance in potential involvement in this study, and a recruitment information sheet is below.  Specifically we are recruiting clinicians with a primary role in clinical practice with at least 3 years specialist experience in critical care.  All participants will be acknowledged in the resultant publication.  Please feel free to consider your own participation in the study if you wish.

Click HERE for more information and contact details


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