Research Study - Patient Safety in Critical Care during the COVID-19 crisis in the UK

20th May 2021

Are you a critical care nurse or a nurse re-deployed to critical care during COVID-19? 

A team of researchers wish to explore perceptions and experiences of patient safety in critical care during the recent COVID-19 crisis. In response to the pandemic, staffing models and organisation of patient care in critical care rapidly changed to accommodate increased demands on capacity. The impact of these changes to critical care delivery on patient safety is unknown. It is essential that we evaluate our clinical practice during the pandemic and develop strategies to optimise patient safety in the future.

They would like to interview you over the telephone for approximately 45 minutes to one hour and discuss your experiences of patient safety in critical care in the UK.

If you are a critical care nurse, or are a registered nurse who has been re-deployed to critical care in the UK, interested in sharing your experiences then please contact Research Assistant: Vid Calovski:

Please also forward this information to any colleagues that may be interested in participating.

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