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Covid-19 recovery and resilience: what can health and care learn from other disasters?

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, successful recovery doesn’t just happen. Here The King's Fund share the four priorities that they learnt require conscious attention and action HERE

British Psychotherapy Foundation has launched a Free service for Key Workers in the NHS

The British Psychotherapy Foundation has launched a Free service for Key Workers in the NHS which offers brief therapy- 6 free sessions to those staff that have been affected by Covid-19.  For further details HERE

Nursing Times Covid-19: Are You OK? campaign

The British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) supports the Nursing Times Covid-19: Are You OK? campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the potential long-term impact of working through the Covid-19 crisis on nurses’ mental health and wellbeing (and that of other staff and pre-registration students), and to ensure they have access to sources of formal and/or informal support.  Read more HERE

Wellbeing & Resilience through Education (WARE)

BACCN are involved in the development of  Wellbeing & Resilience through Education (WARE) work and a best framework has been published  and is available to download HERE.  As part of this work there are also a range of useful posters to download HERE.

ICS: Wellbeing webinar

This last Thursday Karin Gerber, BACCN Conference Director took part in the ICS: Wellbeing webinar facilitated by Dr Julie Highfield. Alongside Shond Laha, Segun Olusanya and Jonathan Downham all Critical Care Practitioners sharing some very personal experiences of working during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recording of this is now available: HERE 

Burnout in nursing: a theoretical review: A comprehensive summary of research that examines theorised relationships between burnout and other variables, in order to determine what is known (and not known) about the causes and consequences of burnout in nursing HERE

The Kings Fund: Learning from staff experiences of COVID-19: Let the light come streaming in HERE

Optimising staff preparedness, wellbeing, and functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic response HERE  

Mindfulness- top tips HERE

Staff wellbeing during COVID-19: A structured approach for healthcare organisations: HERE

The guidance for the above three articles has been compiled by a combination of UK and international subject matter experts in the psychology of staff wellbeing (psychiatrist, psychologists, counsellors) plus medical managers and everyday clinicians from clinical areas likely to get hit hard by COVID. Dr Alys Cole-King (Consultant Psychiatrist) is co-ordinating and welcomes your feedback and ideas: please get in touch over Twitter for now (@AlysColeKing).

A unique insight into the creative pandemic

"Coronavirus (Covid-19) has provoked a unique second kind of global outbreak: creativity. From virtual choirs, dancing and theatrical performance to so many other individual or shared creative practices, the arts and humanities are providing a vaccine to boredom. As governments mitigate deaths from the virus globally, creative practices are extending social and cultural assets to help people survive socially and psychologically. As the leading figure in health humanities worldwide, Professor Paul Crawford, gives a unique insight into the creative pandemic" HERE

The power of music and sounds from the natural world are known to help during challenging times.

To offer comfort and support during the current pandemic, BBC Archive, BBC Music and the Natural History Unit offer a selection of calming tracks and soundscapes for patients, care workers and families affected by Covid-19mmm HERE

United Nations Policy Brief

To view the United Nations COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health policy brief, click HERE

BACCN supports "No mask for mental health" campaign

BACCN and the Laura Hyde Foundation have been working together since our conference in Edinburgh last year where they were one of our selected conference charities. Since then we've continued to work together in raising the profile of good mental health in all healthcare professionals regardless of your speciality.  BACCN is, therefore, supporting the "No mask for mental health" campaign launched today" - Karin, BACCN National Board.  14th May 2020.  Please see the press release HERE and link Laura Hyde Foundation website

BACCN: A position statement and advice on staff wellbeing: HERE

Useful links:

Psychological Wellbeing Needs of Health Care Staff webinars led by David Murphy on 14th of April including various members of the BACCN National Board providing the very essential Critical Care Nursing voice (part 1) (part 2)


Bite-sized resilience training from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trist Clinical Psychology team

Part 1

View further parts of the Bite- Size resilience training HERE

COVID-19 & Mindfulness: Resources for health and care staff | The Mindfulness Initiative

COVID-19: Why compassionate leadership matters in a crisis

The psychological wellbeing of healthcare staff during COVID-19 

NHS Mind

The Intensive Care Society: Wellbeing Resource Library 
Provides lots of tips and resources to help us all deal with extraordinary situations such as COVID-19 and everyday working in critical care. 

Psychological Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers Toolkit 

Support available from Cavell Nurses’ Trust



The Coronavirus pandemic is going to reflect who we are as a society and Cavell Nurses’ Trust strongly believes that we must be a society which looks after the nursing and midwifery professionals we rely on to look after us.

What Cavell Nurses’ Trust is doing

We’re the charity supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are facing a personal or financial crisis in their lives and right now we’re providing emotional and financial support to colleagues impacted by Covid-19.

This support is over and above what we’re providing to other nursing and midwifery professionals who are living with cancer, fleeing domestic abuse or suffering with poor mental health.

We know there are nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants unable to work because they need to isolate themselves. This is leading to financial crisis.

  • Some don’t have access to occupational sick pay or benefits, perhaps because they are an agency worker or self-employed.
  • Some are facing financial hardship because their household income or partner’s income has been affected by coronavirus, perhaps because they are self-employed or work in an industry adversely affected like the hospitality sector.

Our research shows that 77% of nursing and midwifery staff are unprepared for a financial crisis, with half of nursing professionals having less than £500 to survive on in an emergency.

What Cavell Nurses’ Trust can offer:

  • Emotional support for those in crisis
  • Advice on maximising benefits
  • Signposting to specialist services
  • One-off grants to quickly relieve financial hardship
  • Rapid emergency funding for those at great risk

If you or any colleagues are struggling please get in touch with Cavell Nurses’ Trust on

You can find out more here

Drop in Surgery

Matt Broadway-Horner is a consultant nurse, psychotherapist, academic, writer and trainer specialising in psychological therapies. He is offering a free online drop in surgery and is an accredited CBT therapist but the main work is psychological first aid where he can provide advice and a way of working in disaster / disease areas. The aim is to provide safety, be secure, connecting and provide support for nurses at this time.

If you are interested contact Matt through WhatsApp 07795416644 and appointments will operate on a first come first served basis.

Send a message to Matt saying “My name is ………and I am a critical care nurse @ BACCN can I have a time to see you?”  Any texts received will be booked into the next available drop in slot which will be 30 minutes per person. Once you have been provided a time slot Matt will then ask you to call him though WhatsApp via video or audio depending on your preferred option.

If you require any further information please contact 

BACCN Wellbeing Boards

We would like to encourage all critical care units to show us pictures of your wellbeing board and share tips that support wellbeing through the @BACCNUK and @ICS_updates Twitter using the #wellbeing hashtag.



Covid-19: are You OK? The British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) supports the Nursing Times Covid-19: Are You OK? campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the potential long-term impact


Working to be well: Wellbeing & Covid-19


Wellbeing video


Guidance for planners of the psychological response to stress experienced by hospital staff associated with COVID Early Interventions


Recognizing and Managing Moral Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guide for Nurses