Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

BACCN is a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of nursing in critical care. Our Mission is to:

  • provide a National voice to shape the strategy for critical care nursing
  • promote safe, quality evidence based nursing care to the critically ill patient
  • provide wide ranging benefits and opportunities to BACCN members

Strategic Goals

  • collaborate with members through the National and Regional Boards
  • collaborate with patient and relative representatives, health care providers, industry, other professional organisations and policy makers to influence the future development of critical care nursing
  • promote, support and create evidence based practice to deliver safe, quality care
  • produce a bi-monthly contemporary journal ‘Nursing in Critical Care’ to reflect the diverse needs of critical care nursing
  • contribute to, develop and publish critical care nursing standards to promote safe, quality a care
  • support members through research and development scholarships
  • support Continuous Professional Development through National and regional activities
  • organise and deliver an annual high quality conference
  • be a platform to discuss critical care nursing and provide a supportive network
  • provide social networks to support communication and engagement strategies