A National Voice

A National Voice

National Liaison

The BACCN's National Board members and other members represent BACCN and its Members on several professional groups, details of some of these associations are below.

 Member Group Further Information
Ian Naldrett Critical Care Leadership Forum Critical Care Leadership Forum 

Suzanne Bench
Louise Stayt



Visit Website for UKCCRG HERE

Visit Website for ANNCCR HERE
Twitter @uk_annccr

Nicole Lee EFCCNA Visit Website HERE
 Louise Stayt CC3N National Critical Care Competency and Education group

Feedback Report July 24th 2020 

Feedback Report Sept 3rd 2020  

Feedback Report November 26th 2020

Feedback Report April 1 2021


Amy Douglas

Latifat Awotedu

Organ Donation Committees

Feedback Report November 2020

Feedback Report February 2022  

CtTL Project February 2022 update

NBTA Webinar

NODC 31 May 2022

Trish McCready The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change 

UKHACC Feedback March 2022

UKHACC Council March 2022 Minutes

UKHACC Operational Plan

UKHACC Director's Update May 2022

UKHACC Director's Update December 2022

Ian Naldrett & David Waters Cardiac competencies for National Critical Care Competency and education group  

BACCN Position Statements

The BACCN aims to provide representation for its members, by responding to political and professional change; and by producing and publishing position statements. BACCN position statements intend to demonstrate the Association's commitment to contribute to policy debates and to inform and influence the national agenda on issues that are important to the critical care nursing community.

We are also involved in working more widely with external Organisations in the review and production of documents and standards for critical care which will also be of interest to BACCN Members.

The BACCN has published 5 position statements which are available for download in the Members Area of this website HERE. We have also endorsed and contributed to several National Guidance and Policy Documents, which are also available to Members. 

If you are not currently a BACCN Member and wish to help us shape the national agenda, you can join HERE