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Topic: Effect of Lateral Tilt on Patients Turning

We asked LINET:

Q: Does lateral tilt really reduce the force needed to turn patients from a supine position onto their side? If so, what is the reduction in force needed?

A: The report by Lebeda T et al. from the NRU for Occupational Physiology and Psychophysiology delves into the crucial field of occupational health. Identified as Report No: 3636/2021, ex. 210347, this comprehensive study sheds light on the intricate connection between physiological and psychophysiological aspects in the workplace.

Drawing on extensive research and analysis, the report highlights the impact of various occupational factors on the physiological and psychological well-being of workers. By meticulously examining the correlation between occupational demands and their effects on the body and mind, the study aims to improve workplace conditions and employee welfare.

With a focus on enhancing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and minimizing health risks, the report suggests evidence-based interventions and strategies for optimizing employee performance.

Fig 1. Data measured by NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH (National Reference Unit for Occupational Physiology and Psychophysiology)



Fig 2. Extract from MCX Report Lateral Tilt – Effect of Lateral Tilt on Patients Turning


From this information, LINET was able to determine and report a 67% decrease in force needed to turn patients from a supine position onto their side.

For the full interpretation on results, please see MCX Report Lateral tilt - Effect of lateral tilt on patients turning (2019) 

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Topic: Body Repositioning

We asked LINET:

Q: How does EIT relate to Multicare Lateral Therapy

A: It shows you changes in L/R lung ventilation in the patient when the Multicare is tilted to 30 degrees



Q: How does the Virtuoso Pro change the approach to patient proning?

A: It allows for the removal of most pillows given it absorbs the patient into the mattress to reduce heat, improve pressure injury prevention and enhance patient comfort



Q: How can lateral tilt help when turning or proning a patient?

A: There is a large reduction in forces required to turn/roll the patient when lateral tilt is deployed to substantially reduce manual handling.



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Vicky has been a qualified Adult Nurse for over 20 years with her back ground in Theatre Nursing starting as a scrub nurse enjoying laparoscopic  surgery,  before moving across and specialising as an anaesthetic practitioner. In 2009 she decided to move into the healthcare industry focusing on training and education.


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