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Topic: Body Repositioning

We asked LINET:

Q: How does EIT relate to Multicare Lateral Therapy

A: It shows you changes in L/R lung ventilation in the patient when the Multicare is tilted to 30 degrees



Q: How does the Virtuoso Pro change the approach to patient proning?

A: It allows for the removal of most pillows given it absorbs the patient into the mattress to reduce heat, improve pressure injury prevention and enhance patient comfort



Q: How can lateral tilt help when turning or proning a patient?

A: There is a large reduction in forces required to turn/roll the patient when lateral tilt is deployed to substantially reduce manual handling.



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Jennifer Sherman, Lead Clinical Educator - LINET UK

Jennifer Sherman is the Lead Clinical Educator for LINET UK based in the North of England. Jennifer has been providing specialised clinical education and product support, with a focus on critical care over the last 5 years with LINET. Previous to this, Jennifer has nursed both internationally and within the UK.  

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