About Conference

About Conference

37th & 1st joint BACCN / IACCN Conference 2022

“Critical Care Across the World: Breaking Down Barriers”

The international focus on Critical Care services have significantly increased as a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic. A significant proportion of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 required input and/or admission to Intensive Care which led to an unprecedented increase in overall capacity to cope with the influx of patients on top of an already stretched system. Delivering sufficient critical care, both within and outside of the traditional walls of an Intensive Care Unit encompassing the whole patient and family journey requires the physical infrastructure, such as beds and equipment, but more importantly a highly trained, skilled, and experienced multidisciplinary workforce to deliver the individualised care we all believe each patient deserves.

We’ll be continuing our theme of “Critical Care Across the World: Breaking Down Barriers” for when we finally meet up face-to-face in Belfast as this exemplifies what Critical Care is as a speciality, but even more so, what Critical Care Nurses have done across the world over the last 2 years.  We will continue not just to share our learning and experiences but celebrate our profession across many traditional borders.

Here is a couple of early highlights you can look forward to as part of conference:

Keynote Speakers

We are super excited to announce the first of our keynote speakers: Prof Jos Latour (@JosLatoru1).

With Jos’s extensive research into family centered care, I’ve asked him to talk about family and friends’ involvement in the patient’s critical care journey as this can have profound consequences with regards to care decisions, delivery, and outcomes. Yet this is something that varies significantly across countries.  

Research Symposium (facilitated by Dr Suzanne Bench)

The year’s joint BACCN/IACCN conference provides an exciting opportunity for international research collaboration.  Our theme ‘Critical Care across the world: breaking down barriers’ once again offers us a chance to learn together how we can improve the health outcomes and experiences of our patients and their families alongside the lived experience of the critical care nursing workforce. More information to follow soon.

Conference Prizes
For details on the prizes available and how to enter, please visit the Abstracts page.


With this conference we’ll embrace critical care without boundaries in celebrating our similarities & differences as well as exploring the many challenges we face going forward.  We are hoping to bring together both adult, paediatric, and veterinary critical care nurses working both in and outside of the traditional walls of intensive care. Meeting up in Belfast in October 2022 is a fantastic opportunity for the many groups & associations that with the BACCN makes up the United Kingdom Critical Care Nursing Alliance (UKCCNA) to help shape the voice of Critical Care Nurses for the next decade!

Nicki Credland, Chair of the BACCN National Board stated: “I am so excited for our 2022 BACCN conference in Belfast. This collaborative event with the Irish Association of Critical Care Nurses promises to be full of innovation, networking, and fun (and maybe some Guinness!!!!). After 2 years of virtual conferences, we are finally going LIVE!!! What better an opportunity to submit your abstracts and attend a fantastic joint event in October 2022

We asked Anna Marie Murphy, Chair of the IACCN for her thoughts: "The BACCN and IACCN are the collective voice of critical care nurses in the UK and Ireland. In its’ inaugural joint conference, the BACCN and IACCN celebrates the critical care nurse across the UK and Ireland. We want to showcase the exceptional work and commitment of critical care nurses in their delivery of care to their patients. 

This conference offers an opportunity to demonstrate your innovative practice, your programs, courses, initiatives and/or evaluation strategies that address the many changes and challenges faced in nursing practice. You may wish to present research, quality improvement projects, evidence-based practice, or programmatic innovations in any aspect of critical care nurses. It provides you an international forum to discuss your work, but, also to establish sustainable connections to ensure the continuation of that incredible care.

We invite you to showcase the excellent care delivered by you, to your patients. We look forward to seeing you there."

Watch this space for more information as we continue to develop the programme, confirm more speakers, and plan the very important social aspects of the Belfast conference. Like Nicki, I cannot wait to see you all face-to-face once again. Submit your abstract and book your place now for what is going to be an epic get together!

Karin Gerber; BACCN Conference Director
on behalf of the Conference Team