Resources for Non Critical Care Staff

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BACCN will provide some educational resources that support nurses who are being redeployed to Critical Care areas or are returning to Critical Care after a career break from the specialty.  

These resources have been written by clinical and academic critical care colleagues and aim to provide health care colleagues with some basic knowledge to support their understanding of critical care and develop their confidence in assisting in care provision within the critical care setting. 

These resources are not a replacement for formal critical care academic courses or achievement of clinical competencies. They will be a resource for induction programmes into critical care nursing.

We are working collaboratively with other organisations including the RCN & CC3N to develop this resource. We will make these learning resources available to colleagues as soon as possible.

We will upload sessions or presentations as they become available. The resources will be based on the National Competency Framework for Registered Nurses in Adult Critical Care: Step One Competencies.

Resources for non-Critical Care Staff Working in Critical Care

Introducing Critical Care | Professional services | Royal College of Nursing (


The London Transformation and Learning Collaborative (LTLC) have created a free, open access training portal for healthcare professionals working in or being redeployed to work in critical care. It includes training resources for clinical skills, A-E assessments, non-invasive ventilation, proning, safety and wellbeing, communication and non-technical skills.  The infographic can be found LTLC Resources for Redeployment infographic and link HERE.

They also have provided:

10 quick wins for managing the covid surge infographic

10 quick wins for managing the covid surge slides

ITU Cheat Sheet Poster

C19 ICU Remote Learning Course

C19 Rehabilitation Remote Learning Course

A free ICU training resource/course for COVID designed mainly for those who may be returning to critical care practice or getting involved due to COVID for the first time.

COVID ICU recovery website

C19 Skills Preparation Course C19_SPACE

Eye Care in Critical Care

Mouth Care in Critical Care

Pressure Area Management in Critical Care

Quicklook Intropes and Vasopressors

Quick look ETT

Quick look Fluid Management

Quick look Arterial Lines

Quick look Central Line

Quick Look Management invasive Ventilation

Quick Look NIV

Quick Look Repositioning Advanced Airway

Quick Look Safe alarm

Quick Look Sedation Assessment

Quick look resource BP

Quick look resource ECG

Quick look resource SP02

Quick look NIV hoods

New to ITU

There are a number of other Resources available

See below seven videos made by Royal Berkshire Hospital on the Basic Principles of Critical Care along with the document Basic A-E assessment of the Intensive Care Patient (

Basic Principles of Critical Care Nursing: part 1 

Basic principles of Critical Care Nursing: part 2 

Basic principles of Critical Care Nursing - airway 

Basic principles of Critical Care Nursing - breathing

Basic principles of Critical Care Nursing - circulation

Basic principles of Critical Care Nursing - disability 

Basic principles of Critical Care Nursing - exposure 


To view Resources for ICU nurses and other useful resources click HERE

AuthenticWorld are offering their safeMedicate drug dosage calculations package free of cost to NHS and Care Home colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic HERE