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Plenary and Oral Presentations

Title Author
S01: Keynote: Advanced Nurse Practise Christine Sheehan
S02: Keynote: Is it Humans or Animals today? Helen Ballantyne
S03: Keynote: On the fringe of ICU: what we have not yet improved Jos Latour
S04: Keynote by Rachel Kenna: No slides  
S05: Keynote: Global Nursing Unity Annette Kennedy
C01: Nudging weaning in the right direction - an electronic quality improvement tool to support multidisciplinary ventilation weaning in ICU Lisa McIlmurray
C02: BACCN Prescribing Position Statement Catherine Plowright
C04: Implemetation of the Clinical Support Worker role in Paediatric Critical Care - the long journey Carly Whittaker and Samantha
C05: Sustainability in Paediatric Critical Care Holly Chandler
C06: Leptospirosis: Urine trouble! Eleanor Haskey
C07: Veterinary Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): How to be an animal lifesaver Emily Gorman
C08: Veterinary Euthanasia Katie Gray
Research Symposium Led by:
Professor Bronagh Blackwood, Dr Bronwen Connolly, Dr Natalie McEvoy, 
Dr Leona Bannon
C11: Rescue Events Analysis: Examining how clinical staff create safety and rescue unwell ward patients Jody Ede and Helen Pickworth
C12: Creating meaningful inclusion in an increasingly diverse workforce - enabling our staff to feel safe and seen Be Baxter-Heyes and Catherine Balcombe
C13: You Okay, Nurse?  
C14: Ensuring patient safety & value in Critical Care Erika Cid
C15: Interventional Cardiology: A One Health Approach Emma Hudson
C16: Comparative Critical Care Nursing: NG tube placement and risk factors - a comparison between humans and animals Lindsey Ashburner (RVN) and Amy
Pulleyn (RN)
C17: Keeping it cool – Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) in Out of Hospital cardiac arrest Robert Furby
C18: ‘Humanisation of ICU’: Sustaining Patients and Nurses Helen Gadsby
C19: Introducing the Clinibee App for Critical Care Nurses in sub-Saharan Africa Chris Carter
C20: Paediatric Critical Care Outreach: A two centre experience of inception to ingrained practice

Beth Goodwin, Leanne Lane, Abigail Slater, Claire Fagan, Alice Bowerman

C21: Social Justice Workshop Calvin Moorley
C22: Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance service (MICAS), the delivery of a critical care retrieval service during a pandemic: an observational study Anna Marie Murphy
C23: Responding to the service need: Introduction of the Critical Care Advance Nurse Practitioner service in a Dublin University Hospital Oonagh Power
C24: Patient and relative involvement in raising concerns about deterioration: A qualitative case study approach Dr Aidin McKinney
C25: Development and delivery of a New Graduate Nurse Programme in Critical Care Emily Naylor
C26: Pandemic to podcast; “Critical conversations” a novel initiative to enhance the learning experience in ICU Shauna Gollogly
C28: Critical Care Outreach: Determining the value of the resource Jamie Hyde Wyatt
C29: Practical considerations in establishing advanced practice in CCOT Siobhan Pyke
C30: ICU discharge liaison and the role of Critical Care Outreach: where does it start and stop? Sarah Vollam
C31: Screening for swallowing problems in the complex critical care patient - breaking down barriers with Speech and Language Therapy Jackie McRae
C32: PNA Restorative Clinical Supervision Toolkit Cath Applewhite
C33: Clinical Seating for Critical Care Patients - How Clinical Seating can assist with Early Mobilisation and Rehabilitation Martina Tierney
C34: Effectiveness of a New-Graduate Nurse in Critical Care Programme Shauna Delaney
C35: Literature Review with the NiCC Editors Josef Trapani and Lyvonne N. Tume
C36: Point of care ultrasound: case studies of using advanced practice skills Mark Wilson
C37: Results of the NOrF National Survey and launch of the NOrF benchmarking tool Dr Victoria Metaxa
C38: Understanding the use of the National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) in acute care settings: A realist review Michelle Treacy
C39: The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Critical Care Staff and Coping Mechanisms Used Claire Magner
C40: The experience of having embedded Clinical Psychologists for staff support - challenges, benefits & rewards over a five year period Nate Shearman
C41: Integration of Lebanese Nurses within a UK Intensive Care Unit: Evaluation of a Pilot Project recruiting through Talent Beyond Boundaries Lynette Walker
C42: Paediatric and Neonatal Organ Donation: Shared Challenges and Solutions Angie Scales, Eimear Shields
C43: Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Paediatric Critical Care Transport - the road to sucess Sasha Herring
C44: The PNA Supporting the Core Conditions of Workplace Well-being and the Personal Practice Model for ICU nurses Ciara Wharton
C45: Patient Safety in COVID-19: Nurses experiences Louise Stayt
C46: Exploring and Sharing the Narratives of Female Intensive Care Nurses and Their Experiences of COVID-19 Stacey Moon-Tracy
C47: Exploring critical care staff perspectives of supporting the process of dying, death, and bereavement in critical care settings Melanie Ryberg
C48: An ICU End of Life Care Ward Round to Drive Nurses Involvement in Decision-Making Myrna Scott
C49: Maltese nurses’ and doctors’ perceptions on palliative care in critical care settings - Qualitative findings from a mixed-methods case study Diane Faenza
C50: Impact of the introduction of a 24/7 Outreach Team on Emergency calls, ICU unplanned admissions and and Staff’s levels of satisfaction Joel Filipe Cardoso Pereira,
C51: Utilising critical care outreach to support outcomes for the emergency laparotomy patient Sophia Ribeiro
‘Under Pressure’: A multidisciplinary perspective on protecting the heel  Leanne Atkin
C52: Introducing Paediatric Nurse Led Transport Emma Thompson
C54: Where have the critical care consultant nurses gone? Deborah Dawson, Catherine Plowright
C55: Critical Care Nurses as Angels and Heroes Nicki Credland

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